The following is a list of old trunk and suitcase keys that we have available to sell. Each key is $25, which includes postage for all USA locations. If you see a key on this list that you’d like to buy, use the purchase button below, and include the name and key code in the comments section of the order form as you complete the payment process. Or send us an e-mail with your keycode – we’ll match it up to your payment and you’re all set. Some of what we sell here are original vintage keys, some are reproductions. We find them here and there, flea markets and yard sales, so the list changes when we sell a key or when we find a new one.

So, How Do I Know Which Key I Need?
Look for the key code and the lock company name
Eagle 178, for example, or Yale & Towne AB, or Long Lock T-44, etc.

Purchase one of the keys from the list below (you can only purchase one of each of these, as that’s all we have in stock for most styles). $25 per key. Shipping is free if you’re in the USA.
AGAIN: We ONLY have the keys that appear on the list below – Honest!

Round or Barrel Keys

Crouch & Fitzgerald

Crouch & Fitzgerald 32
Crouch & Fitzgerald 91
Crouch & Fitzgerald T21
Crouch & Fitzgerald T24
Crouch & Fitzgerald T42
Crouch & Fitzgerald T46
Crouch & Fitzgerald 9L2


Corbin 1ST
Corbin C415
Corbin C458
Corbin C602
Corbin C603
Corbin C606
Corbin C607
Corbin C612
Corbin C620
Corbin C623
Corbin C633
Corbin C639
Corbin C641
Corbin C645
Corbin C651
Corbin C653
Corbin C656
Corbin G3
Corbin ST1
Corbin ST2
Corbin ST3
Corbin T2T
Corbin T2
Corbin T3
Corbin T7
Corbin T10
Corbin T12
Corbin T57
Corbin T80
Corbin HT1
Corbin HT2
Corbin HT3
Corbin HT4
Corbin HT5
Corbin HT6
Corbin HT7
Corbin HT8
Corbin HT9
Corbin HT10
Corbin HT11
Corbin HT12
Corbin 9L2 (a C&F key)

Corbin Door or Passage Lock Keys

Corbin B17
Corbin P8
Corbin P11
Corbin P12
Corbin R2
Corbin R3
Corbin R4
Corbin R5
Corbin R6
Corbin R11
Corbin R15
Corbin R17
Corbin R18
Corbin R22
Corbin R23
Corbin R26
Corbin R31
Corbin R32
Corbin R34
Corbin R35


Eagle AA
Eagle D
Eagle EE
Eagle H
Eagle J
Eagle N
Eagle P
Eagle T
Eagle Y
Eagle 29
Eagle 30
Eagle 31
Eagle 90
Eagle 125
Eagle 141
Eagle 157
Eagle 478
Eagle OB 131
Eagle OB 132
Eagle OB 134
Eagle OB 140
Eagle OB 150
Eagle OB 155
Eagle OB 157
Eagle OB 158
Eagle B51
Eagle B118
Eagle B121
Eagle B122
Eagle B123
Eagle B125
Eagle B126
Eagle B127
Eagle B128
Eagle B129
Eagle B131
Eagle B138
Eagle B140
Eagle B141
Eagle B143
Eagle B144
Eagle B145
Eagle B146
Eagle B147
Eagle B156
Eagle 12D1
Eagle 12D3
Eagle 12D5
Eagle 12D11
Eagle 12D17
Eagle 12D18
Eagle 12D20
Eagle 12D21
Eagle 12D23
Eagle E28
Eagle E29
Eagle E31
Eagle 40Y1
Eagle 40Y2
Eagle 40Y3
Eagle 40Y4
Eagle 40Y5
Eagle 40Y6
Eagle 40Y7
Eagle 40Y8
Eagle 40Y9
Eagle 40Y10
Eagle 40Y11
Eagle 40Y12
Eagle 73Y2
Eagle 73Y5
Eagle 73Y6
Eagle 73Y7
Eagle 73Y9
Eagle 73Y10


Excelsior AB
Excelsior AS
Excelsior G24
Excelsior G31
Excelsior G52
Excelsior G53
Excelsior G54
Excelsior G78
Excelsior 39
Excelsior 50
Excelsior 700
Excelsior 740
Excelsior X128
Excelsior X145
Excelsior X147
Excelsior X162


Hartmann HT1
Hartmann HT2
Hartmann HT4
Hartmann HT5
Hartmann HT6
Hartmann HT7
Hartmann HT9
Hartmann HT10
Hartmann HT11


Star 2 (this has a star in front of the 2)
Star 3 (this has a star in front of the 3)
Star 4 (this has a star in front of the 4)

Yale & Towne

Yale & Towne 40
Yale D51
Yale D52
Yale D54
Yale D55
Yale D56
Yale D57
Yale D58
Yale D59
Yale D60
Yale D61
Yale D62
Yale & Towne D51
Yale & Towne D52
Yale & Towne D53
Yale & Towne D54
Yale & Towne D55
Yale & Towne D56
Yale & Towne D57
Yale & Towne D58
Yale & Towne D59
Yale & Towne E53
Yale & Towne E54
Yale & Towne E59

Flat Keys

American Tourister

American Tourister 2934


Cheney 24 (Cheney locks/keys were made in England)
Cheney 30
Cheney 32
Cheney 37
Cheney 38
Cheney 60


Corbin ASK1
Corbin CAF1
Corbin CT3
Corbin CT4
Corbin 4J8
Corbin JV5
Corbin JV29
Corbin JV68
Corbin JV72
Corbin JV80
Corbin JV81
Corbin JV102
Corbin K104
Corbin K108
Corbin K105
Corbin MK53
Corbin RRE5
Corbin T82
Corbin 7R3133
Corbin 7R3137
Corbin 7R3151
Corbin 7R3155
Corbin 7R3313
Corbin 7R3331
Corbin 7R3335
Corbin 7R3353
Corbin 7R3357
Corbin 7R3375
Corbin 7R3511
Corbin 7R3533
Corbin 7R3537
Corbin 7R3551
Corbin 7R3553
Corbin 7R3573
Corbin 7R3577
Corbin 7R3731
Corbin 7R3735
Corbin 7R3757
Corbin 7R3758
Corbin 7R5131
Corbin 7R5135
Corbin 7R5153
Corbin T122
Corbin TF3
Corbin TF4
Corbin TF5
Corbin TF7
Corbin TF8
Corbin TF9
Corbin TF10
Corbin TF11
Corbin TF12
Corbin TTA1
Corbin TTA2
Corbin TTA3
Corbin TTA4
Corbin TTA5
Corbin TTA6
Corbin TTB2
Corbin TTB3
Corbin TTB4
Corbin TTB5
Corbin TTB6
Corbin TTC4
Corbin TTC5
Corbin TTC6
Corbin TTC7
Corbin TTC9
Corbin TTC10
Corbin TTC11
Corbin TTC12
Corbin TTD1
Corbin TTD2
Corbin TTD3
Corbin TTD4
Corbin TTD5
Corbin TTE1
Corbin TTE3
Corbin TQ13
Corbin TQ14
Corbin TQ15
Corbin TQ16
Corbin TQ17
Corbin TQ18
Corbin TQ19
Corbin TQ20
Corbin TQ21
Corbin TQ22
Corbin TQ23
Corbin TQ24
Corbin TZ1
Corbin TZ3
Corbin TZ4
Corbin TZ5
Corbin TZ6
Corbin TZ7
Corbin TZ8
Corbin TZ9
Corbin TZ10
Corbin TZ11

Crest Lock Co

Crest Lock Co 70


Eagle UG-360K which is the same as Eagle T-124
Eagle UG-380
Eagle 38U6
Eagle 7R36
Eagle 73D1
Eagle 73D2
Eagle 73D4
Eagle 73D5
Eagle 73D6
Eagle 56K8
Eagle 56K9
Eagle 56K10
Eagle 56V1
Eagle 56V2
Eagle 56V3
Eagle 56V4
Eagle 56V5
Eagle 56V7
Eagle 56V8
Eagle 56V9
Eagle 56V10
Eagle 56V11
Eagle 56V12
Eagle 56V13
Eagle 56V14
Eagle 56V15
Eagle 56V17
Eagle 56V25
Eagle 56V27
Eagle 56V28
Eagle 56V41
Eagle 56V13A
Eagle 56V15A
Eagle 56V17A
Eagle 56V18A
Eagle 56V22A
Eagle 56V23A
Eagle 56V24A
Eagle 056V4
Eagle 056V5
Eagle 056V22
Eagle 056V23
Eagle 056V24
Eagle 056V28
Eagle 58G1
Eagle 58G2
Eagle 58G3
Eagle 58G4
Eagle 58G5
Eagle 58G6
Eagle 58G7
Eagle 58G8
Eagle 58G9
Eagle 58G10
Eagle 58G11
Eagle 58G12
Eagle 58P1
Eagle 58P2
Eagle 58P3
Eagle 58P4
Eagle 58P5
Eagle 58P6
Eagle 58P7
Eagle 58P8
Eagle 58P9
Eagle 58P10
Eagle 58P11
Eagle 58P12
Eagle 60T4
Eagle 60T5
Eagle 60T8
Eagle 60T10
Eagle 60T11
Eagle 60T12
Eagle 22U1
Eagle 22U2
Eagle 22U3
Eagle 22U4
Eagle 22U9
Eagle 22U10
Eagle 22U11
Eagle 22U12
Eagle 22U13
Eagle 22U14
Eagle 22U31
Eagle 22U32
Eagle 22U33
Eagle 22U34
Eagle 22U35
Eagle 22U36
Eagle 022 U5
Eagle 022 U6
Eagle 022 U7
Eagle 022 U8
Eagle 022 U9
Eagle 022 U10
Eagle 022 U11
Eagle 022 U13
Eagle 022 U14
Eagle 022 U15
Eagle 022 U16
Eagle 022 U17
Eagle 022 U18
Eagle 022 U19
Eagle 022 U20
Eagle 022 U21
Eagle 022 U22
Eagle 022 U23
Eagle 022 U24
Eagle 022 U37
Eagle 022 U38
Eagle 022 U39
Eagle 022 U40
Eagle 022 U41
Eagle 022 U42
Eagle 022 U49
Eagle 022 U50
Eagle 022 U51
Eagle 022 U52
Eagle 022 U53
Eagle 022 U54
Eagle 022 U55
Eagle 022 U56
Eagle 022 U57
Eagle 022 U58
Eagle 022 U59
Eagle 022 U60
Eagle 022 U61
Eagle 022 U62
Eagle 022 U63
Eagle 022 U64
Eagle 022 U66
Eagle 022 U68
Eagle 022 U69
Eagle 022 U70
Eagle 022 U71
Eagle 022 U75
Eagle 8441
Eagle 8442-1
Eagle 8442-2
Eagle 8442-3
Eagle 8446
Eagle 8446-K
Eagle 8446-2K
Eagle 8448
Eagle 8564
Eagle (Bassett) 8888
Eagle 49Y9
Eagle 49Y10
Eagle 49Y11


Everlasting C-11
Everlasting N87
Everlasting T-35
Everlasting T-36
Everlasting T-37
Everlasting 907 same as T-907
Everlasting 909 same as T-909
Everlasting 911 same as T-911
Everlasting 912 Same as T-912
Everlasting 22054
Everlasting 22058


Excelsior 21
Excelsior 36
Excelsior 40
Excelsior 43
Excelsior 44
Excelsior T-44
Excelsior T-46K (scroll back up the page – these are $5.00 each – look for our Key Style #1)
Excelsior 126
Exclesior 127
Excelsior 141
Excelsior 151 (we’ve got a lot of these so you can order more than one if needed)
Excelsior 152 (lots of these too)
Excelsior 154
Excelsior 301
Excelsior 305
Excelsior 339
Excelsior 421
Excelsior 423
Excelsior 431
Excelsior 441
Excelsior 442
Excelsior 453
Excelsior 462
Excelsior 483
Excelsior 492
Excelsior 556
Excelsior 721
Excelsior 726
Excelsior 728
Excelsior 746
Excelsior 765
Excelsior 766
Excelsior 808
Excelsior 887
Excelsior 888
Excelsior 907 or T907
Excelsior 991
Excelsior 992
Excelsior 994
Excelsior 996
Excelsior 999
Excelsior 1081
Excelsior 1081R
Excelsior 3057
Excelsior 4260
Excelsior 4330
Excelsior 4350
Excelsior 4360
Excelsior 5931
Excelsior 5932
Excelsior 5933
Excelsior 5941
Excelsior 5942
Excelsior 5943
Excelsior 5951
Excelsior 5952
Excelsior 5953
Excelsior 5984
Excelsior 5985
Excelsior 5986
Excelsior 5987
Excelsior 5988
Excelsior 5989
Excelsior 7847
Excelsior 8446
Excelsior 33222
Excelsior 33313
Excelsior 53230
Excelsior 53250
Excelsior 53330
Excelsior 53350
Excelsior 53360
Excelsior AT31
Excelsior H345
Excelsior H545
Excelsior 6K1 or SK1 (same key)
Excelsior 6K11 This one fits some Harley Davidson locks and also gun cases and display cabinets
Excelsior KY11
Excelsior KY12
Excelsior KY13
Excelsior KY14
Excelsior KY15
Excelsior KY16
Excelsior KY21
Excelsior KY24
Excelsior KY25
Excelsior KY26
Excelsior KY27
Excelsior KY28
Excelsior KY30
Excelsior KY31
Excelsior KY32
Excelsior KY33
Excelsior KY34
Excelsior KY35
Excelsior KY36
Excelsior KY38
Excelsior KY42
Excelsior KY43
Excelsior KY44
Excelsior KY45
Excelsior KY47
Excelsior KY48
Excelsior KY50
Excelsior KY51
Excelsior KY52
Excelsior KY53
Excelsior KY54
Excelsior KY55
Excelsior KY56
Excelsior KY57
Excelsior KY58
Excelsior KY61
Excelsior KY62
Excelsior KY63
Excelsior KY64
Excelsior KY65
Excelsior KY67
Excelsior KY68
Excelsior KY70
Excelsior KY71
Excelsior KY72
Excelsior KY73
Excelsior KY74
Excelsior KY75
Excelsior KY76
Excelsior KY77
Excelsior KY78
Excelsior KY80
Excelsior KY81
Excelsior KY82
Excelsior KY83
Excelsior KY84
Excelsior KY85
Excelsior KY86
Excelsior KY87
Excelsior KY88
Excelsior KY90
Excelsior KY91
Excelsior KY92
Excelsior KY93
Excelsior KY94
Excelsior KY95
Excelsior KY96
Excelsior KY97
Excelsior KY98
Excelsior M16
Excelsior 6M2
Excelsior 7M2
Excelsior 7M3
Excelsior M4220
Excelsior M4330
Excelsior M4360
Excelsior SK1
Excelsior 9K1
Excelsior UG 230
Excelsior UG 250
Excelsior UG 330
Excelsior UG 350
Excelsior UG 360


Hartmann H-142
Hartmann H-147
Hartmann H-242
Hartmann H-244
Hartmann H-245
Hartmann H-342
Hartmann H-344
Hartmann H-347
Hartmann HJ6
Hartmann HTK1
Hartmann HTK5
Hartmann HTK11
Hartmann HTK12
Hartmann HTM-1
Hartmann HTM-3
Hartmann HTM-4
Hartmann HTM-5
Hartmann HTM-6
Hartmann HTM-7
Hartmann HTM-8
Hartmann HTM-9
Hartmann HTM-10
Hartmann HTM-11
Hartmann HTM-12
Hartmann HTN-1
Hartmann HTN-2
Hartmann HTN-3
Hartmann HTN-4
Hartmann HTN-5
Hartmann HTN-6
Hartmann HTN-7
Hartmann HTN-8
Hartmann HTN-9
Hartmann HTN-10
Hartmann HTN-11
Hartmann HTN-12
Hartmann TQ13
Hartmann TQ14
Hartmann TQ15
Hartmann TQ16
Hartmann TQ17
Hartmann TQ18
Hartmann TQ19
Hartmann TQ20
Hartmann TQ21
Hartmann TQ22
Hartmann TQ23
Hartmann TQ24
Hartmann TZ1
Hartmann TZ3
Hartmann TZ4
Hartmann TZ5
Hartmann TZ7
Hartmann TZ8
Hartmann TZ10
Hartmann TZ11
Hartmann TZ12


Long C5
Long C-11
Long D80
Long D82
Long D85
Long L71
Long N-20
Long N28
Long N29
Long N87
Long S-1
Long S-15
Long S-21
Long S-22
Long S-34
Long S-70
Long S-75
Long S-78
Long S-95
Long S-96
Long S-500
Long T-35 (also fits Everlasting locks with the same code)
Long T-36 (also fits Everlasting locks with the same code)
Long T-37 (also fits Everlasting locks with the same code)
Long T-44
Long T-46K
Long 4436
Long T4552
Long T4553
Long 807
Long 907 or T907
Long 912
Long 1935
Long T6661
Long T6663
Long 7201
Long 22058
Long 22059
Long 22060
Long 22061
Long 22062


Milwaukee 1570
Milwaukee 1572


Presto 292 ( a common suitcase lock)
Presto 1466
Presto 1550
Presto 1646
Presto 2133
Presto 2360
Presto 51121 (key has ‘HH’ die-cut through the metal to indicate a luggage maker’s name)


Samsonite 170S
Samsonite SE 231
Samsonite SE 282
Samsonite SE 294
Samsonite SE 383
Samsonite 387
Samsonite 388
Samsonite 389
Samsonite 432
Samsonite 44
Samsonite S-520
Samsonite LK-3245 (this is a round key with a black plastic top – fits soft-sided business cases)


SOSY 3030


Wheary (Corbin) WBS1
Wheary (Corbin) WBS2
Wheary (Corbin) WBS3
Wheary (Corbin) WBS4
Wheary (Corbin) WBS5
Wheary (Corbin) WBS6
Wheary (Corbin) WBS7
Wheary (Corbin) WBS8
Wheary (Corbin) WBS9
Wheary (Corbin) WBS10
Wheary (Corbin) WBS11
Wheary (Corbin) WBS12
Wheary (Corbin) WBT1
Wheary (Corbin) WBT2
Wheary (Corbin) WBT3
Wheary (Corbin) WBT4
Wheary (Corbin) WBT5
Wheary (Corbin) WBT6
Wheary (Corbin) WBT7
Wheary (Corbin) WBT8
Wheary (Corbin) WBT9
Wheary (Corbin) WBT10
Wheary (Corbin) WBT11
Wheary (Corbin) WBT12
Wheary (Corbin) WBW1
Wheary (Corbin) WBW2
Wheary (Corbin) WBW3
Wheary (Corbin) WBW4
Wheary (Corbin) WBW5
Wheary (Corbin) WTB3
Wheary (Corbin) WTB4
Wheary (Corbin) WTB9
Wheary (Corbin) WTB10
Wheary (Corbin) WTB12
Wheary (Corbin) WBR6


Yale H101
Yale H102
Yale H105
Yale H107
Yale H112
Yale H121
Yale H122
Yale H127
Yale H128
Yale H130
Yale H401
Yale H402
Yale H405
Yale H407
Yale H514
Yale OTC55
Yale OTC59
Yale OTC60
Yale OTC61
Yale OTC62
Yale OTC59A
Yale OTC60A
Yale OTC61A

Yale & Towne

Yale & Towne DF705
Yale & Towne DF706
Yale & Towne DF707
Yale & Towne DF715
Yale & Towne DF716
Yale & Towne DF717
Yale & Towne DF718
Yale & Towne DF720
Yale & Towne DF721
Yale & Towne DF722
Yale & Towne DF749
Yale & Towne DF755
Yale & Towne DF764
Yale & Towne DF767
Yale & Towne DF705
Yale & Towne H74
Yale & Towne U51
Yale & Towne U53
Yale & Towne U54