Jenny's Page

Better known as That-Dog.
Just a few pictures of BrettunsVillage.Com's Corporate Spokes Model:

Getting ready for her trip to Paris.  Still waiting for her passport to get approved.

Fur coat by Armani, hat from Pedro of Beverly Hills, eyes by Photoshop, dental work by the orthrodontist down in town.

Packing orders - every day it's the same old thing.

Boating on Brettuns Pond, Livermore, Maine

Please note that packages shipped by Brettuns Village may contain dog hair.

Just hanging out in her hammock at camp.

Churchill steers while Jenny navigates

"I'm weak, weak, too weak to move... send steak"

We started selling some fur tails, and someone mentioned
that dog tails might be a nice addition to the product line.

Dutifully helping the gals to prepare expired donuts for use as bear bait.
Not a crumb was left in the grass, thanks to Jenny's tireless efforts.

Good dog

Inspecting leather off the truck

"I can see the wild ammmals bester when I sits on this table right cheer"

Trunk Shop Bouncer

The Shipping Manager is on her break.  Come back later.

Final Inspection and QA/QC

What a poser.

Faithful retreiver.

A very early photo - 10 weeks old (Jenny).

12 weeks old, laying on the porch

She couldn't find her snorkel, but she went along anyway.

Ice fishing

Guarding trunks in case the wild turkeys try to grab one

Scouting for sea ducks on the Maine coast

Jenny invited the gals to her place for a sleep over.

Jumping in the leaves
Fall 2003

Checking out the new kitten

Too many wild turkeys in the backyard

With Leather Man, a gift from one of our favorite customers

Just hanging with Sammy

Winter 2008

High atop the snow bank - a great vantage point when protecting the farm from invaders.

End of her shift.  Time to head in and warm up.

Second day of duck season, 2009.  So she may be 10 years old (almost) but she can still swim
a long, long way to get a duck.

Yeah, that's right; I spent a little time in a blues band,  It was tight.
I had to drop out of the group though; couldn't hold a cigarette in my lip without making the room stink like burning hair.

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