Leather by the Piece


Leather by the Piece

Tell us what you need, we’ll find it!

Give us the details and we’ll let you know what we have here that might work.

Color, thickness, and temper, please, and we’ll start digging. 

Fill in the contact form below and we’ll promptly receive your request via email. Our dedicated team will provide you with available options, pricing, and shipping details. 
Please note: this service is exclusive to leather and does not include hides with hairs or fur.

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  • (ounces per square foot, inches, mm, whatever)
  • (firm, regular, mellow/soft, or make up your own terminology)
  • (smooth, pebble grain, alligator print, natural grain, etc)
  • Maximum of 36″
  • Maximum of 76″
  • Note: maximum width is about 30 to 36 inches; max length is usually about 72-78 inches. Keep in mind that most of our leather is ‘side’ leather, which is half of a cowhide, so these will be more narrow toward the neck, wider toward the other end. If you need a large piece, something like 3 feet by 6 feet, please look at our full sides and hides on the website. Also, as stated above, this form is not for requesting hides with hair on them. Visit our ‘Hair-On Hides’ page to see what we have in stock. Also – we DO NOT cut to final dimensions – you’ll receive a piece of leather slightly larger than you specified, and then you get to trim it to fit all on your own. Cool!
  • Please give us an idea of what you plan to make from this leather, to help us select a good piece, or type in any other comments you’d like to pass along:

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