If you’re a company, individual, or other entity and are interested in selling a quantity of leather or related hardware, fasteners, laces, fabrics, or other associated leather or craft supply items, but you don’t want to just let it all go for a small price to a reseller, then Brettuns Village has a program that may interest you.  We accept consigned lots and sell them to our customers by the piece.  It’s a very simple program that’s been active since 1994 and has been used by many manufacturers and tanneries, suppliers and jobbers, and even home crafters who have accumulated large quantities of leather hides, scrap pieces, and other items.  Our consignment program is very simple and reliable.  The important details include the following:

  • You’re responsible for shipping the items to us here in Maine, and if you decide to terminate your participation in the program before the items are all sold then you get to pay to have remaining inventory shipped back to you.
  • YOU decide how much you want per square foot or per piece/unit/pound/ then we add in our commission and fees as a percentage.  This determines the price of the item on our site.  It’s self-regulating.  If you set your price high, your inventory sells slowly (or not at all).  You can change your pricing at any time; we’ll modify the website accordingly.
  • We represent the items accurately on our site.  You may tell us that ‘this is the most expensive leather ever produced in the USA’ but when we open the box and find dead mice and mold in there we’ll describe it that way and the photos we use on the site will show the average condition of the item.  We will not deceive our customers at any time for any reason.  Period.
  • Our consignment program is intended for use in selling job lots of leather and/or craft supplies  – by this we mean lots that get packed in large boxes or on pallets – not individual hides or very small quantities of leather or hardware, and this program is not for finished or semi-finished leather goods.  Raw materials – leather and hardware only.
  • At the end of each month we send you a tally sheet that lists the items and quantities of your items that were sold, and we send you a check (or electronically transfer funds if you prefer).  We do not pay out more often than monthly.  At any time during the month you can request a copy of your tally sheet; we’ll gladly e-mail it to you.
  • If a customer buys one of your items but decides to return it, Brettuns Village handles the refund; we do not request money back from you.

We keep the program simple and straight-forward.  If you’re interested in learning more please  E-Mail Us.

Are you ready to start your leather or restoration project?