Mocha Sides with embossed Cobra Skin


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Large 3 ounce Mocha Sides with an embossed Cobra Pattern.  Now, to be honest, none of us here at BV have ever seen a cobra skin up close, but this is from a tannery in a far away land where cobras are more or less house guests or something along those lines.  This leather is from pretty big animals as the sides run about 25 square feet in surface area.  Nice mocha color.  Chrome tanned, milled briefly so it’s not terribly soft, but still good for garments.  Cobra pattern mocha ssssssssssssssides.  get it?  These are $145 each, 48-state USA shipping included and we can ship in USPS flat rate boxes to AK, HI, GU, USVI, PR as long as you don’t mind the leather being folded for shipment.

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