Brown Sea Snake Skins



Brown Sea Snake Skins sold by the skin or sets of 5 or sets of 10.  These are small sea snake skins, about 16-18 inches long each.  They’re brown, a nice shade of brown, but we believe they were dyed, not their natural color.  Just our best guess.  They’re quite thin, but strong, suitable for inlays or garment trim or find yourself a sea snake who looks a little wave weary and set him/her up with a new suit.  OK that’s a kidding around thing that you shouldn’t try.

2 skins or $10, or 10 skins for $40, or 20 skins for $75.  USA shipping is included.  or you could call it free ssssssssssshipping.


Here’s what Ms Denehy made for her check book covers:

denehy's sea snake skins
sea snake skins