Leather Whole Hides in Oatmeal


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Very large Chromium tanned USA cattlehide leather full hides in Oatmeal color with a semi-glossy top coat; 47-50 Square Feet (or larger) each.  Thickness on these is 2.75-3.25 oz, soft leather, nice tan color that is tough to identify.  This is a pullup leather (turns a lighter color when you fold it, goes back to the original color when it lays flat for a while). Gives it a nice, rustic look. The tannery, we’re thinking, was unable to come up with a cool name for this leather.  We can tell because the name they gave it is ‘Oatmeal’ which makes a few of us here at BV Worldwide HQ gag, thinking back to that fateful morning in the second grade when the teacher thought we should all eat breakfast together so that we could learn about nutrition. We also learned about using a mop and bucket that day, as it turned out.

We’re selling these whole hides, each 47-50 square feet or larger, for $175 each, and this price includes USA shipping (yes, even PR, GU, USVI – if USPS delivers your mail then you’re in – your leather will be shipped folded).




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