USA Whole Hides, 3 oz, in Whiskey


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USA Whole Hides Chrome Tanned 3 oz, LARGE Hides in Whiskey Reddish-Brown, what a lovely color to come home to after a heck of a day at the office.  Use it as a table cloth, but then you might not be able to locate your whiskey glass on it.  Hmm, give that one some thought.  These are very, very nice hides suitable for garments or upholstery, and the color – did we mention it already?  Itsh wunnerful.  We mean (hiccup) (excuse us) I alwaysh wuvved deesh color did u like thish color toooooo?  Let’s move along before the belching starts.  These are large hides, 55 to 60 sq ft each, soft, and priced at $175 each.  USA shipping is included, but, like many leathers, if we’re shipping to a US Mail address that’s outside of the 48 contiguous United States your leather will be folded to fit in USPS flat rate boxes.  Has pretty good pull-up (turns lighter on the surface if you fold/crease it, darkens up again if flattened out).