Chain Buckle in Brass or Nickel BKL383


Buckle 383 in Brass or Nickel, with Keeper attached by CHAIN!  Sized for belts that are 1/2″ to 5/8″ wide.  Buckle and keeper sets in brass or nickel, with a pretty cool little chain that runs between the two – maybe it’s there to keep the keeper from not keeping?  You know, like it might run off or something?  “Ha!  Gotcha – you can’t get away – you’re chained to me!” said Mr. Buckle after he’d swilled down about 4 bottles of his latest homebrew.  It’s getting late.  Important:  These have sat in a warehouse for along time, and they have some scratches here and there.  Nothing terrible, but they ain’t pristine, Christine.

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