Putty 2.75 Ounce Scrap Soft Garment Leather

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Putty Color Scrap Soft Garment Leather Pieces by the Pound:  this is a very good grade of garment leather, which could also be used for upholstery except it’s left over pieces so that lounge chair better not be very big.  All pieces you’ll receive will be larger than your hand (yes, yes, yes, fingers included); the smaller pieces get thrown in for free if we find them as we go through the bin.  Fascinating, isn’t it?  Nice putty color leather, 2.5 oz or 1.2mm.  5 pounds for $35, 10 pounds for $50.  Both prices include 48-state USA shipping and we’re going to try hard to pack this stuff into flat rate boxes so that customers in AK, HI, USVI, GU, PR, and all those other warm places can get free shipping too.  Seems fair.


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