LARGE Sides of Basketball Leather


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LARGE Sides of Basketball Leather for Making Historically Correct Basketball Related Stuff.  Chromium tanned, vegetable retanned, with that tell-tale orange color and pattern on the surface that says “Everyone in my family is over 6 feet tall.”  It’s basketball leather, 3 oz in thickness which is just under a 16th of an inch, so it’s suitable for garments, table coverings, or, you know, come to think of it, making basketballs.  Sides run large, each is over 25 square feet of surface area.  These are $95 each, 48-state USA shipping included, and we can include AK, HI, PR, GU, USVI if you don’t mind that we fold the leather to fit in those cool USPS flat rate boxes.  What was that song in the 70s about, “I got a basketball Jones, I got a basket ball Jones?” We never understood that.  Like a lot of stuff from the 70s.  Charlie says you should make placemats out of this so that you can dribble on it.  That’s apparently some very high brow basketball humor right there,