Black Jacket Cattlehide Sides, Textured Sides that run 14-16 square feet each!


These are Tannery Culls and are UNDERSIZED.  Each side in this lot will be in the 14-16 square feet range, like a quarter of a cattlehide, OK?

Textured Thin Black Leather Panels:  Good old Black Jacket – we’ve sold this leather since the beginning (1994), and we always like it. Nice texture on the surface, and just soft enough to wear after you’ve broken it in a bit. Tanned and finished in Brasil, this batch finally found its way upcountry to Maine. Panels run 14-16 sq ft and are priced at $45 each, with free USA shipping (for locations outside of the 48 contiguous states your leather will be folded to fit in USPS boxes). Most of these have a hole in them somewhere – these are tannery sorting culls. Black Jacket is 2.5 oz thickness (1.0mm). Regular temper, but it gets more mellow over time.

ONE MORE TIME: Black Jacket Sides, all of these are in the 14-16 sq ft range; $45 each; USA shipping included. Yes, that means PR, GU, USVI – ships free to you too!