Cocoa Perforated Upholstery Leather Sides


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This is a very nice side leather for upholstery work; and note that the tannery has perforated this leather.  You know, for air flow, so when you slump down into the seat of your roadster the air can squish out quickly, rather than you bouncing right back out again.  That’s never a good scene at the grocery store parking lot, right?  Ok, so this is Chromium tanned upholstery leather, USA steer hide, perforated, in a heck of a nice shade of cocoa brown.  All sides in this lot are over 20 square feet of total surface area.  3 oz thickness; just right for upholstery work.  $85 each, USA shipping included.  If you’re in one of those very cool places like HI, AK, PR, USVI, or GU your leather will be folded to fit in USPS boxes.  You’re cool with that, right?  Perfect.  Thanks.