Quarry Light Gray Pull-Up USA Cattlehide Leather Sides 18-20 sq ft


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Quarry Light Gray Pull-Up USA Cattlehide Sides.  This is our third batch of Quarry Pull Up, which is a nice,stone gray color with lots of mottling, streaks, and stains/overwash that give it a very natural, rustic appearance.  OK, so it’s rustic and natural looking, but with a bit of sheen/gloss on the surface and boy oh boy is it smooth. Thickness is 2.5 ounces, or about 1.0mm.  Regular temper; this is not a soft leather. Sure is nice to look at, according to the Boys in the Barn. Quarry Pull-Up Sides, 18-20 sq ft, $75 each; 48-State USA shipping included.