Height-O-Land Burnt Orange Sides waxy leathers in 6 Oz


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Height-O-Land Sunset (sort of like Burnt Orange) 5.5-6 Ounce Oiled Latigo Leather Sides are a very nice shade of sunset orange.   These are all in the range of 20 to 24 square feet of surface area.  Smooth surface, rustic appearance, waxy/oily feeling to the touch, very good pull-up (turns a lighter shade when you fold/crease it, goes back to normal color when laid flat again).  This leather is named after one of our favorite spots in Maine.  Height of Land is just outside of Oquossoc (near Rangeley) and is a great spot to watch the sun go down.  Height-o-Land Sides, 5.5 to 6 oz, 19-21 sq ft=$150 each,  and 48-state USA shipping is included in the price.


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