BV Copper Rivet Setting Tool


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Made to last a lifetime, the Brettuns Village Copper Rivet Setter is 4-1/4″ long and 1/2″ in diameter through the handle. The head is 1″ in diameter.  Hole is sized for #9 copper rivets (smaller diameters will also set with this tool).
Brettuns Village Copper Rivet Setter  RS-0303  $28.00 each, with USA postage included

How to use this tool:  Punch holes in your leather, poke the rivet through.  Put a burr (normal folks call this a washer) on the end, then put the hollow tube portion of the tool over the tip of the rivet, and pound it a couple of times with your rawhide or synthetic mallet to drive the washer down until tight. Cut off excess rivet with some wire cutters, then place tool dimple over the rivet end and pound it a few more times. Now, sit back and take a sip of that raspberry porter you mixed up back in late July when the berries were practically walking into the kitchen on their own.



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