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Custom made leather knife rolls for sale
Rachel Legloahec -yup, you saw her on 'Iron Chef' - makes custom knife rolls for chefs, so if you're in the biz,
get outfitted the way you should be outfitted - with stuff from Weft & Warp!

custom knife rolls made from leather in Maine! leather knife rolls hand made in Maine custom made leather knife holders

Been to Maine and miss it?  Native Mainer and miss it?  Never been to Maine but are sure you'd miss it if you had ever made it upcountry?
DownEast magazine is just what you need.  Brettuns Village was mentioned in the Christmas 2006 issue, and there's even a picture of That Dog in there!

From one of our favorite customers.  Guess where some of the leather came from?

Choose Green Man Leather for a variety of items ranging from Jack Saps to pouches to
belts to leather notecards to journals to bags!

Eco-friendly handbags made from reclaimed materials.
There are several handbag styles to choose from.
Each bag is slightly different from the next as the materials are rarely exactly the same.
Handbags are designed to have a clean modern style.
The minimalist designs are born out of my desire to show that recycled can look fresh and refined.
Express your individual personality and go green with a handbag from City Kitty.


Posh Pockets are uniquely designed and individually crafted by artist Mary North Phillips.
Fabricated in her studio, these beautiful and stylish bags are exceptionally well made of high
quality fabrics which are personally selected by the designer. All of the bags are fully lined,
many with interior leather pockets and some with detailed, hand-stitched accents of imported glass or pearl beads.

Wonderful custom leather and beaded items, from belts to dog adornments.
Click to visit Cinnamon in her shop!

United States Firearms U.S. Fire Arms Mfg. Co., Hartford, CT, USA
Leading, Made in USA, manufacturer of 19th century guns and rifles - including the Single Action Revolver, US Pre-War, Lightning Magazine Rifle and the Cowboy Action Rodeo.

Bighousedaddy is a resource website for the leather craftsman providing quality instructional CDs,
Instructional books, as well as providing leather patterns to make Custom Leather Boots.

Viking, for the finest in custom crafted Medieval and Renaissance reproductions.
Whether for SCA re-enactment or as a unique collectable, you're sure to find just what you're looking for.

Signs of Wood, Co.
Personalized 3 dimensional wood signs for gifts and business.
Home of the Arts, Crafts, Hobbies and Handmade items Directory.

Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP and Obenauf's Leather Oil offer the most durable protection available for all your leather including
                         leather jackets, gloves, motorcycle gear, and the hardest working leather work boots.

Crafters Community

Forth Armory makes riveted maille armour, very authentic, very practical, and it can turn your SCA outing into a lot of fun, rather than just another weekend of bruises. 

Adolfo Art Works  Makes interesting items for after-hours activities, using a lot of black leather and metal rings, if you catch my drift.  Very interesting selection, all products made by hand, one at a time.

Fall Creek Suttlery    Civil War Sutler located in Whitestown, In.  "We have been in the Sutler business for Twenty Two Years supplying Civil War reenactors, Living Historians, Museums, Movie productions and Victorian Era Buffs with high quality reproduction goods to make their impressions complete. We manufacture a large percentage of the goods we sell, therefore the quality is kept to the highest standards."  Drop by their website and pay them a visit.  Lots of great information for Civil War enthusiasts.

Archery Supplies, Longbows, Recurve Bows - Discover how you can transform your performance dramatically without investing in new longbows, recurve bows or other archery supplies. - Art directory

Leather Care  Furniture Clinic offers a wide range of exclusive cleaning products previously only available to the trade. These products range from a wood cleaner and feeder (Heritage Wood Care) suitable for all wood finishes, to a mixture of leather cleaing products. We sell two all in one leather cleaner and conditioners (Heritage Leather Care and Leather Forever) and also our new product, which has had a great response. Grison Re-colouring Balm, designed to re-colour dried out and faded leather.

Armour Archive  The Archive is an on-line Journal devoted to teaching people how to make armour.  There's a lot of info at this site about making armour from leather and metal.  Great fun for the sword flinger crowd. 

Visit Archery.Net for all kinds of info about archery!

If you're interested in hunting at all, this site has tons of info you'll find interesting.  They have lots of connected sites and an amazing collection of related links.  Here are a few of them:

MEDIEVALWEAPONART.COM is a web site and business devoted to top-quality reproductions of battle gear from the days when folks did this for a living instead of just a weekend hobby.  Visit their site and get geared up for battle!

Craft Listing
Your guide to arts and crafts on the Internet.

The Coolest Lighting Website on the Planet - and they'll ship to you!!
One of our favorite Maine companies!

Looking for the best tasting, freshest cashews, pistachios, and peanuts in all the land?
Visit Bob's Peanuts & Candy Co. in Lewiston, Maine! Brettuns Village Leather

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