Off-White Sheep Skins Soft Thin Rough and Cheap


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Off-White Sheep Leather is Soft, Thin, and Rough – well, some of them, anyway. Cheap!  These are known as ‘Hair Sheep’ for some reason that we’ll never understand.  Ain’t got no hair on ’em.  Chromium tanned, undyed, so they’re an off-white color.  Thickness is 2-2.5 oz or about one millimeter, mellow temper (soft), 3 to 4 square feet each, but here’s the catch:  These are tannery sorting culls – the rejects, so prepare yourself to work around holes, avoid discolored areas, along with various rips, tears, and bad spots.  The good news?  Cheap.  Really cheap.  Want one?  $20 with free USA shipping.


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