DEC-901: Small Multi-Color Rhinestone Spots


$25 for Pack of 1000

This is a mish-mash of rhinestone spots, sold in bags of 1000, and each bag will contain about 15 different colors. They’re all mixed up. Yes, you get 1000 gems and 1000 prong-back holders. The stones are likely made of glass or plastic and are about 3/16″ across, more or less. They have four prongs on the back to hold them in place – just poke them through and bend them over. The prongs are 3/32″ long, so these are best used on leathers that are 4 oz or less in thickness (under 1.6mm). Nickel-plated steel body and legs, holding a little imitation gemstone firmly in place.  DEC-901  Small Multi-Color Rhinestone Spots with Prongs on Back for Leather Craft or Fabric Projects