Brettuns Village Trunks & Leather

Old Trunks, New Leather.  All from Maine.

January 7, 2000

Hello Everybody:

How about these Fall leaves? 
Are they as colorful where you are as they are here in Maine?  No
matter how many years we see them change it always knocks us over. 
This time of year, known locally as ‘Leaf Gawking Season’

has also become one of the
busiest tourist infestations that we experience.  It’s even starting
to rival 4th of July as a road clogger.

Some new items are in stock
at Brettun’s Village Leather, thought I’d let you know about them.

First – we bought out a load
of spikes from a small business in New Hamster, next door.  We have
5/8″ spikes and 1″ spikes, both are solid brass with a nickel finish. 
They mount easily to your projects – just

punch a hole and thread
the screw (included with the spikes) into the spike.  Tighten it up
and you’re done.  Make a collar for your cat or your teenager. 
Wear one to work and give the new supervisor something to drink

antacid about.  You
can check them out on our parts and accessories page.

Next – the boat has arrived,
the shipment is on the dock, and customs has just about given the green
light.  This is a shipment we get about once a year, twice at most,
from a tannery that we have a contract with.  We get

their ‘overages’, which
you and I would call ‘leftovers.’  Basically, when they get to the
end of their fiscal year all of the oddlots get packed up and shipped to
us at a set price.  The shipment we’re expecting later this

week contains two major
side types – the first is bright red chrome-tan sides in 4.5 to 5 oz, about
20 or 21 sq feet each.  These will wake you up in the morning, you
can count on that.

The other type of leather
coming in is nice, thick (6 to 6.5 oz) brown sides with an oil treatment. 
These are perfect for things that may get used outside, such as archery
accessories (quivers and the like), mocassins, etc.  We’ll set

the prices once we know
the final ‘to-the-door’ cost, but it’s looking like the red sides will
be $50, the brown sides $60, with both prices including delivery to your
farmhouse from ours.  I’ll get back to you in a few days

with the scoop.

We also bought out a supply
of equestrian (I’ll bet I spelled that incorrectly) supplies from a harness
maker here in the US.  Buckles, rings, bits, chains, rivets, etc –
all told about $50,000 worth of inventory (at their cost).  We’ll

be blowing this stuff out
in bulk lots, priced low.  We expect the shipment to arrive in the
next week to two weeks.  I’ll let you know when it’s here.

This pooch thinks she has
duck/goose hunting all figured out – our little Jenny has been swimming
after everything, including the decoys a time or two.  Thanks to those
of you who send her words of encouragement.  I read

the messages to her, although
I have to admit I edit them a little, so as to keep her head from getting
any bigger.  As if that were possible. Yesterday she was in the blind
with us and started staring straight behind

us.  I tried to get
her to watch the water, but nothing doing.  I finally looked to see
what she was staring at – two young deer, no more than 15 yards from us,
just standing there.  I was proud that Jenny didn’t charge

after them.  I wasn’t
so proud when she tried to hide under my folding chair.  We both ended
up in the sand, the deer ended up in Vermont, I’d guess, judging from how
they jumped.  I’ve still got grit in my


More news soon – get out
and enjoy this nice weather-

Churchill Barton