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January 24, 2000

Good Monday Morning to everyone:

We have purchased a nice quantity of first-quality chrome-tanned leather
sides and will be picking them up starting today.  Most are in the
4 to 6 oz range, and most are various shades of brown.  We’ll get
some pictures posted on the site as soon as we can.

Also we’re buying scrap pieces (generally large pieces, 2 to 10 square
Feet) from a belt factory here in New England.  Cutting belts from
sides and shoulders is terribly inefficient, which means there’s lots of
good quality scrap left over.  Weights on this stuff range from 5
to 10 oz, colors include black and, again, a zillion shades of brown. 
Priced just like our other scrap pieces and we do our best to sort out
just what you need.

I’ll get back to you as soon as we have some pictures up and running,
so you can see the new items.  Thanks have a great week-

Churchill Barton

Brettuns Village Leather