Brettuns Village Trunks & Leather

Old Trunks, New Leather.  All from Maine.

January 24, 2006

Hi Folks:

Thanks for agreeing to receive
these newsletters from time to time – we use them to stay in touch with
our customers, but we’re kind of hit-or-miss about how

often we send them out,
what we put in them, and what, if any, purpose each letter may serve. 
In this one I thought I’d let you know that we’re having a

very mild winter thus far
up Maine way, not a lot of snow to keep us active, so we’ve been busy adding
new trunk restoration supplies to the shelves here at

Brettuns Village Worldwide
HQ.  If you like to work on trunks, or like to think that someday
you might actually work on that trunk that’s upstairs at the foot

of the bed in the spare
room, then you might be interested in some of this stuff.

You probably know by now
that we’re connected to a vast leather empire (Brettuns Village Leather),
and we enjoy putting some of that cowhide to use making

handles, straps, and lid
lifters for trunks.  Every so often we add a new style or size; the
big news in 2006 is that we have wider, sturdier straps to offer.

Our regular trunk straps
(not handles – we call those ‘handles’ – these are straps – you know –
the ones that run over the lid and buckle together on the

front of the trunk) are
mostly 1″ wide.  These new ones are 1.25″ wide and have two black
lines burnished into the leather, just like the original straps on so

many trunks from the 1880s. 
Nice antique brass finish buckle, just the ticket for that big old trunk. 
Made from harness leather in a medium brown color to

match our handles and strap

New stuff from that case
and trunk factory inventory clean-out we lucked into – lots of new lid
stays, trunk and suitcase feet, hasps, hinges in many different

styles, bumpers, corners,
and decorative stuff.  All made in the 1920s, 1930s, and then skipping
ahead until the 1950s.  Sat on the shelf for all this time,

but now it belongs to us,
and our plan is to sell it to you to fund my daughters’ college educations. 
Get on the bus, Jack.  We have these parts all

added to the site now –
quite a pile of stuff.  The latest additions were 21 new styles of
replacement suitcase handles.  Why do we need 21 styles of replacement

suitcase handles? 
Beats the living daylights out of me, but we’ve got ’em, and they’re all
for sale.  I get the feeling we’ll be looking at these new old stock

handles for quite some time. 
Thousands of them.  Egads.  So, here’s a link over to the Parts

That’s enough business news
for one letter, in my opinion.  Big snow coming tomorrow, so the girls
are having a little trouble sleeping.  Could be a snow

day, after all.  The
worst is That Dog (Jenny) – she can smell a snow storm on the way or something
– she’s all in a whirlwind, sensing that she’ll get to haul

sleds back up the hill tomorrow. 
Or maybe she’s just able to sense that the gals will be here all day, so
she won’t have to spend the day sleeping here in

the shop, where she gets
flat right smack in the middle of the floor, so I end up tap dancing around
until sometime around mid-morning.  By then I’m used to

where she’s sawing wood,
and I just hop over.  Heaven help us both if she moves.

Ski areas will all be open
by the weekend – been a little slow for them lately but I think we’re in
the groove now.  Come on up – slap on the planks and wipe

out a snowboarder for fun.



Brettuns Village Trunk Shop