Brettuns Village Trunks & Leather

Old Trunks, New Leather.  All from Maine.

February 9, 2007

Cold enough for ya? 
Remember when I told you, sometime last summer if I remember correctly,
that I didn’t drop to the floor laughing when someone would toss that question
out?  Been hearing it a lot lately.  Yes, it’s cold enough for
me.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen temps higher than the 20s,
and many days it’s been stuck right around zero, but, well, this is Maine
so we deserve it I guess.  What we’ve been doing to stay warm is lifting
– a whole lot of power lifting.  Not that I’m into the whole body
sculpting thing (although at my age I seem to look an awful lot like a
lump of clay), but the work has demanded it.  We’re moving.

Yes, after many years of
shivering in the barn for nine months out of the year, Brettuns Village’s
Board of Directors told me that she thought it was time to find a bigger
space, a space where all the inventory could be in one spot, a space with
shelves and heat and a loading dock.  No forklift was mentioned. 
Oh well.  The underlying reasons were simple – a lot of efficiencies
will be gained by having the current inventory all in one spot, instead
of scattered between several locations, as has been the practice for the
last six years or so, and, importantly, the family gets the house back. 
No more pallets of belt buckles in the kitchen I guess.

So, now if you feel like
dropping in you’re welcome to do so.  Our new location is – well,
wait a minute.  We’ve been hidden all these years, so why stop now. 
It’s in Lewiston, along the river, in a nice building.  Holler if
you get the urge and we’ll guide you in.

This is a great time of year
to move – been staying warm no matter what the thermometer says, and, coincidentally,
this is the time of year when we usually get buried alive in new leather,
as our suppliers/partners/owners/investors write down inventories and feel
the need to get things out of the warehouses.  We’ve added a few new
items to the site, and have many more to add over the coming weeks. 
And now, I’d like to present some of these new leathers to you.

Sole Bends – When you want
the consistency of plywood but the look and feel of real leather, sole
bends are what you’re after.  We’ve got them in three colors (natural,
brown, and dark brown), and they’re so stiff I’m still not sure we’ll succeed
in rolling them to fit in the box – so far the score is about tied. 
These were tanned specifically to be made into floor tiles, so that gives
you an idea how firm they are.  A great piece of leather for the sword
flinging/shield whacking crowd.  Or, and I have to give credit to
Amanda for thinking this one up – make floor tiles out of it.  Cover
a table top, replace the old Formica on the bar, or just stand it in a
corner.  These are on the Sides page; I’ll give you a link once I
finish my sales pitch.

Next new item – soft nappa
cowhide sides in a great weight (4-4.5 oz) for making chaps and vests and
other wearables (I think I just made that word up) in about the brightest
pink we’ve seen in a long time.  Pinker than bubble gum.

Third – White sides, smooth,
4.5 oz, with a firm temper.  Great for making shoes, so you cobblers
might want to think about these.  If there are any cobblers still
in business.

These are shown here:

We’ve also added more suedes
to that page on the site, and have a new arrival of a few hundred awesome
brown suede hides to add – will have that on there in a few days I hope.

Tool news – thanks to those
of you who buy your arch punches from us.  We’ve got quite a selection
available, and now, just to add to the list, we have metric punches in
sizes ranging from 4mm up to 52mm.  Listed on the Tools page, which
seems to make sense.

Might want to check the site
now and again in the coming weeks, as we have at least 12 more varieties
of leather to add to the site, and there are plans in the works to update
the Clearance page yet again.  We try to keep it interesting.

And now we return you to
the regular drivel that these letters usually contain.  Sugar Gliders
– seen these rodents for sale at your local pet store?  They’re so
cute.  If you’re not familiar with a Glider, let me clarify – it’s
nothing but a small flying squirrel.  Maine’s full of them; nocturnal
creatures that, when things turn cold, look for warm places to spend the
winter.  They have big eyes, very soft fur, and flaps of skin that
run between their front and hind legs to help them glide when they jump
off of something.  For example, when one jumped off the top of the
bookcase the other night and glided pretty well across the bedroom, landing
gently (very small thud) on the floor.  They’re so cute.  Makes
me smile to think about them, even when I’m up in the attic crawling around
to empty the traps and put more peanut butter out, and even when I see
the trash bag out in the barn filling up with those little furry corpses. 
So darned cute.  Die, squirrel, die.  I’ll be OK; just need to
sleep through the night at least once more in my life, once more without
hearing that gentle thud; one more night without hearing Sammy (That Cat)
climbing the curtains trying to catch something that’s just so cute I can’t
stand it.

Churchill Barton, Pest Control

Brettuns Village