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Trunks & Leather

Old Trunks, New Leather. 
All from Maine.

February 16, 2011


Hello and Happy February
to our newsletter subscribers, also known as The Victims of Drivel, which
would be yet another good name for a rock band these days.  Just a
quick letter to drop a little news on your foot, and to let you know that
yes, by gum, we’ve had some snow, and will probably get some more before
this Winter finally winds down in mid-May.  We’ve come a long way
from that shortest day of the year (Dec. 21), so now there’s a faint glow
in the southeast as I crank the steering wheel to the right to get what’s
left of the truck into the parking area here at BV Worldwide HQ. 
We’re gaining daylight, and that’s a good thing at this time of year. 
Bring it.

I’ve got small news, medium
news, and big news for you.  Small news first.  We’ll work our
way up, sort of like the way we shovel snow off the roof.  Small news,
quite simply, is that there are more new leathers and more ways to purchase
those new leathers on the site.  More trunk parts, more box parts,
more nails and fasteners, more, more, more.  We’ve recently started
selling leathers from yet another tannery (here in the USA, believe it
or not), and these are listed on the Lightweight Leathers page.  Some
nice colors and finishes, and these may be worth a look if you need cowhide
sides that are under 3 oz in thickness (under 1/16″).

Medium news:  The DOTW,
which still does NOT stand for Drink Only Toad Whiskey, whatever the blue
blazes that means, continues to be updated weekly.  Just today (OK
a little late in the day but we did it) we stuck our Chocolate Shake Nubuck
sides on the DOTW:  4 sides for $100 flat.  They started selling
less than 4 minutes after we posted them on the Drive Over The Wallaby,
and how, you may ask, did our customers know that the page had been updated? 
They found us on Facebook, hit the ‘Like’ button (which made many of them
retch for hours) and now are subject to receiving our FB announcements. 
We’ve been hitting that FB thing every Wednesday right after we update
the Dude Obviously That’s Whack page.  Come on, be cool.  If
you go to our Doesn’t Ollie Tell Whoppers page you’ll see a little box
down there that says something like ‘Find us on Facebook’ so click on that
and, well, you’ll figure it out from there.  After all, you saw the
movie.  You’re hip.

Big news:  Like dogs? 
We do.  Jenny, our black lab (and sole shareholder of,
is now 11 years old but doing very well.  She still gets my ducks,
still runs around the yard, still keeps the kitchen floor clean in case
you accidentally drop anything from steak to bleu cheese to celery down
there, but she may need some help to keep her feeling young over the coming
years.  See where this is headed?  New puppy, that’s where. 
Next week – another black lab, coming from my good friend, Grant, up in
Benedicta, Maine, which is up close to Mount Katahdin (northern terminus
of the Appalachian Trail).  Grant’s dogs have always been wonderful,
so she, yes, she, will be a great dog.  If you were on Facebook you’d
have seen that we’re trying to figure out a name.  I like Deefer,
but nobody seems to get it.  My old friend Peter, who’s a Kiwi (New
Zealander) taught me over 20 years ago that this is the perfect dog name. 
A is for apple, B for Boy, you’ll figure it out.

OK, that’s it.  Will
try to write more often, so let me apologize right here and now for whatever
I send your way.  Business is booming and we’re having a ball, thanks
to you, our customers, and I sure do appreciate it.


Churchill Barton

Dog Trainer

Brettuns Village

Auburn, Maine

This was Jenny at 12 weeks,
and now her world is about to change.  Big time.