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February 18, 2006

I know I just sent you one of these messages the other day and you can
only stand so much drivel per unit of time, but I wanted to let you know
about a

couple of new arrivals that hit us right in the teeth yesterday:

Armor Sides, veg-tan, tan color (not black).  This leather is untreated;
a straight veg-tan 10 oz leather from Asian buffalo, so it takes oils,
dyes, or

other finishes (what other finishes are there?) easily.  Wet forms
like a mad dog (this is a good thing).

Red, red, red:  I know a lot of you like our nappa sides that we
typically carry in black, tan, pink/fuchsia, and white.  Now we’ve
got them in red, 1.6/1.8mm

(4/4.5 oz), soft, and just perfect for new seat covers to fit your
restored VW microbus.  We didn’t know what to call the shade of red,
so Charlie said to make

it Red Red Red.  Perfect.

Deep Purple calf sides – soft, sweet leather that should probably be
called Eggplant, but all of us hate eating that thing so we called these
deep purple

instead.  This leather is part of a balanced diet.  No carbs. 
Just like eggplant.

See all of these here:

OK, that’s it.  I said it’d be quick and I almost made it. 
Windy and 10 degrees here today – just right for this time of year. 
We’re headed to camp for the

weekend and next week is a school vacation up this way, so the gals
will be at camp most of the week.  Jenny and I’ll be here all week
though, so don’t fret.

We’ll be packing and shipping like any other week, except for vacation
weeks.  I miss those.

Keep your sweater on-


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