Brettuns Village Trunks & Leather

Old Trunks, New Leather.  All from Maine.

February 20, 2000

Feb 20, 2000

Hi Everyone:

New arrivals at Brettuns
Village Leather this week include the following:

Silver belt buckles – solid
brass buckles, very high quality, for 1.25″


Over 1,000 more one-pound
spools of sewing thread

Another several thousand
pounds of large leather pieces (premium scrap), all chrome tanned, in weights
from 2.5 up to 8 oz leathers.  Mostly black, tan, and brown. 
Includes several hundred pounds of belt leather scraps.

The darnedest collection
of sanding belts you’ve ever seen.  Weird sizes, all used on machinery
for buffing leather soles.

Leather laces – light brown
in color, 20 inches long, 1/8″ square, in

bundles of 100.

A couple of thousand pre-wound
bobbins, they’re rolling all over the barn.  The cats are having a

Double-hoop belt keepers,
silver finish brass, also fit 1.25 inch belts.  They match the buckles
mentioned above.  Nice sets.

Several hundred thousand
zinc, brass, and aluminum decorative metal

shapes, in little diamonds,
zig-zags, etc.  We’re really looking forward to counting these out. 

We’ll be working over the
next couple of days to get these items posted on the site, so be sure to
check to see them and check out our pricing. 
We’re doing our best to price things to move quickly-

Thanks, we’ll get back in
touch when more stuff arrives-  Snow’s finally over the fenceposts
down back, so that makes about 40 inches standing in the dooryard. 
Got a ways to go yet.