March 2005


Brettuns Village

This is a new format for
our newsletters, but don’t get worked up about it.  We’ll only do
this once.  Or once in a while.  Hate to stick photos in an e-mail
because some folks’

connections get clogged
up when we do that, so this way you can only blame yourself if you clicked
your way to this page.  Glad you’re here though.

This method allows us to
include some photos of what’s been shaking up here lately.  Mostly
though, snow’s been falling on us quite a bit this month.

Here we were on March 9

Getting hard to find the
tire swing


March 12, another foot and
a half of snow, but we cleared out the grill so we can still enjoy the

Note that the snow on the
roof of the shop is tracked up – the girls were sliding down from the peak
on their inner tubes.  Heck, might as well show you:

Jenny just had to scramble
right up there with ’em.


The barn light last night

Lots of new stuff has been
added to the Brettuns Village Leather sits, including new hides and side,
a lot of clearance leather, more tools, and some new types of laces.

Also some incredibly nice
full calf hides in suede, rich dark brown:

Yet another nice type of
leather.  See it by clicking

Many tools to choose from:

See these on the Parts
and Hardware

The Clearance Page

We’ve added a lot of new
types of leather to the Clearance section – most are one-of-a-kind sides
or hides; lots of latigo, harness or belt strips, calf hides, goat hides,
sheep hides, and there was even a moose hide on their, straight from Norway,
for about 4 hours earlier this week.  Take a look at the Clearance
Page by clicking here

Be sure to check that page
every so often we we’re trying to add new leather to it every day or two.