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April 11, 2012


Seen Charlie anywhere? 
Last Wednesday he was out in the warehouse, and I think I passed him on
Monday while he was unloading boxes of black leather boot laces from a
pallet box, but, since then, I don’t know.  That load of Wigwam leather
is almost gone, so he’s not pinned under that pile, but he may very well
be under the new Bark Mulch sides.  That’s a sweet leather, by the
way – a rich, dark brown color, great texture on the surface.  I’ll
go stand by it to see if I can hear old Chazmopolis cursing from beneath
the hides.  He’s around here someplace.  Seems a shame he might
be buried under leather on a beautiful Maine Spring day like this, I mean
it’s absolutely glorious here today – sunny and 55 degrees.  No long
underwear today, and unless you’ve ever lived in a place where you put
those things on every morning for 5 straight months you can’t understand
how great a day this is.

Hmm, I don’t hear anything
by the Bark Mulch sides.  I’ll try the Black Ridgeline sides. 
You remember Black Ridgeline – that leather flew out of here like it was
on fire last time around, so we’re glad to have it back in stock. 
Some of the sides are smaller, so you can save a few bucks, or get the
full size sides if you need ’em.  Chim Chim Charoo was hanging these
sides over one of the horses (this is a wooden a-frame thing, not a four
legged animal) the other day, so maybe he’s in that thing or under it or
wedged in between two of them or wrapped around the axle of one or the
other.  I’ll give it a look-see.

Now that I think about it,
I remember hearing the clink of solid cast belt buckles last evening as
we finished our work day.  Nothing too out of the ordinary there –
we’re still unloading fashion buckles that are like nothing you’ve ever
seen nor are they available anywhere else on this particular planet. 
Some pretty wild designs, cast brass or nickel, very good quality, for
belts ranging from 1/2″ wide up to 4″ wide, like Santa wears.  I kid
you not when I tell you that we still have over 100 styles of those things
to add to the website.  We’ve managed to get a couple of dozen of
them posted to the Buckles page, and maybe Der Chingle was working on that
last night, fell off the top of the pile, and rolled down between the gaylord
box and the pallet of leather sleeves.

Did you catch that incredibly
smooth sales transition from hardware back to leather again?  Don’t
try this at home, kids, I’m a trained professional.  Sleeves – yup,
that’s what I said.  Excellent quality top grain cowhide leather sleeves,
like the ones that Jack Wagon from your high school wore just about all
year long, no matter how it got to smelling.  These sleeves are pre-cut
and stitched, except for the final seam that takes them from being a flat
piece of fitted leather panels to being a round tube-like sleeve, and are
sold in pairs in 6 different colors.  Check the site – no need to
keep going sleeveless, and on the site you’ll be able to read about our
corporate opinion of seeing your hairy shoulders in the grocery store. 
We’ve got enough sleeves here to fix up your entire town with new jackets. 
I mean, they’re piled up in just about every available piece of available
floor space here, from the front door to the back overhead squeaker. 
Now that I think about it, maybe a pile of those boxes pinned Sir Walter
Chaleigh to one of the posts that holds the roof up.  Better go have
a look.

Lots of bison and elk hides
in stock these days.  Let’s check to see if any of you bother to read
this far down in one of these sorry excuses for a newsletter:  Choose
a brown elk hide for $50 or a black bison hide for $100, either/both sold
as is, buy as many as you want, 48-state shipping included, and if you’re
in the Territories or AK or HI we’ll do our best to cram them into flat
rate boxes so you can have free shipping too.  You can read about
these hides on the site if you want to, or throw caution to the wind, log
in to your PayPal account, and just shoot all of your cash or credit over
to us.  Did I mention that my youngest, the Super Hayley, just inked
the deal to attend College of Charleston next Fall?  It’s not your
money to me, it’s tuition.  We’ve got plenty of both hides in stock
– enough to hide behind.  Maybe he’s over there.

Sorry to not have written
more of these horrific letters lately – looks like this is the first one
in 2012.  Oops.  We’ve been using Facebook more and more – have
been announcing special sales on there.  Like it or not it sure is
an easy way to quickly send out a broadcast about some new leather that
just hit the loading dock.  Find us, Like us, and you’ll get those
announcements, including one every Wednesday morning when we update the
Deal of the Week.  It’s a shame that you missed last week’s DOTW,
where we were giving away over $2,500 worth of leather working tools if
you purchased a $5 bag of rivets.  Almost 140,000 customers took advantage
of that deal.  I made that up.  The point is, we’re using Facebook
for short, sweet announcements.  There it is.

OK, so happy April, and –
hey – that explains it.  That’s what happened to Chiminea Charbroil
– fishing season opened on April 1 and that scallywag is on a trout hunt. 
Still, something smells funny back by the Storm Cloud full cowhides that
are beautiful but priced at only $80 each with free USA shipping on this
week’s DOTW.  I’d better go check it out.  Pretty smooth, huh?


Churchill Barton

DOTW Carpet Bagger

Brettuns Village Leather

Lewiston, Maine USA

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