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April 14, 2006

Hey there:

Welcome to the latest edition
of the Brettuns Village Leather e-mail newsletter; a variety of type-written
torture rarely experienced in this day and age; and you only have yourself
to blame because you signed yourself up.  We sure as heck didn’t do
it to you.  We’re not that mean.

Been spending a lot of time
with the digital camera in hand lately, taking pixels of new stuff for
the website.  Thought I’d take up some of your precious time to let
you know about the new arrivals.  The new items include things that
I’m just sure you need.  That’s why we added them to the mess in the

Let’s kick this off with
the wonderful world of sheep hides – light weight leathers, soft and nice
to work with, easy to hand sew or to stitch on your Singer 5000-GT Turbo. 
We’ve got a few hundred black sheep hides and a few hundred dark brown
ones, nicely finished, and we priced them at what I think is a good price. 
The black ones are smaller – 2 to 3 square feet each and you can get 8
of them for $105.  If you only need one that’s going to dip into your
estate for $20.  The dark brown hides are larger, about 4 or 5 sq
ft each, and these are 6 for $100, or $25 for one.  Keep in mind that
our prices always include shipping to any location in the 48 contigumongus
states, and that means that what we’ve really done is accounted for the
shipping costs in the price.  Ship one hide, costs a lot via USPS
or UPS, and don’t forget to throw in the 328 price increases that UPS has
thrown at us in the last 2 years, plus the recent ‘fuel surcharge’ which
I think is really just another price increase because when fuel prices
go down there never seems to be a ‘fuel rebate’ which just flat floors
me – but if we ship a group of hides the shipping cost gets sort of spread
out across the group, which allows you to get more bang for your buck,
and that, Mr. Bucko, means you are one smart shopper.  That has to
be a new Maine state record in the ‘Run-On Sentence’ category.

We have the sheep all flocked
up on the ‘Lightweight Leathers’ page, and also on that page you’ll see
the full listing of cowhide side leathers that we get from one of the USA’s
best tanneries – our lightweight cowhides.  We recently added a new
color to that group – Walnut Brown – which is a nice, dark and rich brown
color.  We get these sides on a regular basis, so I guess the good
news is that you can always get this stuff from us, assuming the tannery
stays open, which is never a guarantee in this day and age of companies
fleeing to China.  By the way, when you’re upcountry here in Maine
you have to pronounce that ‘Chine-ER’ and I only mention that to help you
avoid the embarrassment of having the helpful grandmas at the Kittery welcome
station laugh at how you talk next time you’re up here on a mission to
buy something – anything – at LL Bean.

Here’s a link to the Lightweight
Leathers page:

Over in the hardware department,
which isn’t so much a department as it is a wall, more or less, there’s
all manner of new hoo-hah to gawk at.  Most notable here would be
the d-rings, made to fit 1-inch straps, brass-plated steel.  These
are nice, open-eye d-rings (not welded eye), made with heavy-gauge wire. 
3 million of them.  In for a dime, in for a dollar.  No forklift. 
You know the drill.  We’ve decided to sell these d-rings in a variety
of quantities so you can get as few or as many as you need.  Buy ten,
50, 100, or 1000 at a pop.  If you’re feeling brave, go for the Magnum
10,000 pack, and be sure to lift with your knees, not your spine, or you’ll
end up in one of those weird traction devices with pulleys and weights
attached to places that should never have pulleys nor weights anywhere
near them if you ask me.

Need rivets?  We’ve
got plenty of brass-plated steel post rivets, hollow stem, 1/4″ long, so
these are good for joining about 8 oz of total thickness together (two
pieces of 4 oz leather, for example, said Mr Math Whiz, or one 3 oz and
one 5 oz piece – see how that works?), and now we also have solid brass
rivets (3/4″ long) which may be helpful to those of you who choose to fling
swords at your closest friends on the weekends – all good Sword Flailers
need armor, and these solid brass rivets work pretty well to hold things
together under the most brutal Saturday afternoon assault.  Also we
have some semi-tubular rivets, nickel-plated steel, 9/16″ long.  Just
as an FYI, when using rivets like these to join this to that, or that to
the other, try to choose a rivet that’s about 1/8″ longer than the total
thickness that you’re joining together.  That extra 1/8″ is what the
rivet needs to spread its little wings and hang on for dear life.

Lots of new lacing eyelets
too, both bright brass and antique brass finish.  All this stuff is
shown in the Parts page, which, for your viewing pleasure, is right about

And, as if that isn’t enough
new garbage to make you fall right off that chair, the Hides & Sides
page has a lot of new leather on it as well.  I know what you’re thinking
– ‘Gosh, Cathedral (you never can remember my real first name), you mean
there’s more?’  Yes, Rupert, there’s more.  Red suedes with a
maze-like pattern on them, metallics in gold or silver with a basket-weave
pattern, mink-brown zig-zag pattern cowhide sides, and yes, more than that. 
Take a look:

I know that page is a long
one that requires you to scroll down until it feels like you’re in the
cellar, but the only way to shorten it is to sell out of something. 
We pack it as fast as we can – it’s up to you to order it.  As you
know, we appreciate your orders, and I mean that right from the very bottom
of Rebecca and Hayley’s college savings plans.

Tractor’s running good –
lawn is greening up nicely, and the garden looks ready for tilling. 
Went back to the compost pile today to start hauling it to the garden so
that we can mix it in – that stuff sure pushes those peas up and carrots
down – but the darned pile is still frozen solid.  Needs a little
more time I guess.  I’m a wicked risk taker in that garden – might
try pushing some sweet peas in before this coming weekend is done. 
Don’t tell the neighbors.

Thanks for reading this masterpiece-


Brettuns Village Leather

Auburn, Maine