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May 6, 2015

Wholesale leather craft supplies

Indie says: “OK, so it’s
snowing again -you got a problem with that?”


Hello to our Brettuns Village
newsletter subscribers, after a long absence.  Sorry to be out of
touch – we seem to post news blurbs on Facebook instead of in an e-mail
these days.  Just in case you’re not connected to us on FB though,
well, here comes some news.

First off, I guess we can
call these last few months (6 of them) a winter alright.  I’m not
sure how it was over to your farm, but hereabouts we had a doozy. 
Plenty of snow, plenty of cold, plenty of wind.  Firewood stacks grew
smaller day by day, and those who have made the switch to wood pellet stoves
found themselves lugging 40-pound bags of pellets almost daily.  Ice
on Brettuns Pond was about 2 feet thick, so you could drive your pickup
right out to your favorite ice fishing spot if you felt like it. 
I forgot how much I enjoy standing out on the pond in a 40 knot wind when
the air temp is about 12 degrees, waiting for a trout to take the bait
and set the flag to flying.  Seems like about every 4th or 5th winter
my brain resets – I forget how miserable ice fishing can be.  After
augering holes through the ice and setting your traps and tinkering with
them to be sure the wind doesn’t trip them and then shivering for a few
hours, one gets hungry out on the ice, so one drives to the store, and
there they sell fresh salmon or cod or haddock for less than what you paid
for your bait and it makes one wonder.  I hope you had some luck if
you got out.

Seeing some green grass here
and there, and I heard a neighbor start his lawn tractor the other day;
changed the oil I suspect, so warmer weather is headed our way.  I
think most of us up here in the NE US are ready for it.  Warmer weather
leads to – yup, you guessed it – black flies.

OK, so we have so many new
leathers on our site it’s tough to decide where to start.  Leather
and hide prices continue to fluctuate rather wildly, but we’ve managed
to find a good mix of good and bad leathers.  By good I mean good. 
By bad I mean ‘craft grade’ which I always get a boot out of because it
really just means ‘low grade.’  We found a few stacks of low grade
sides, but in some great colors and a couple that just scream that they
want to be made into chaps or mountain man outfits – see them on the Side
Leathers page if you’d like.

Good old dark brown sheep
hides – we sold these for years and then ran out.  Darn it. 
Well, now we have them back, and plenty of them.  They’re on the ‘Small
Hides’ page for those of you who enjoyed working with that leather. 
Great dark brown color, soft, and nice for garments.

After many attempts it looks
like the tannery finally has the correct formula for making our most popular
leather of all time – Sunrise WigWam.  We have full sides of it now,
just like the original, in 5 oz thickness.  These are on the Side
Leathers page.  We love this leather around here – for some reason
it just flat out looks the way leather should look, we think.  These
sides are almost all branded and you can see exactly where that particular
bovine rubbed up against the mesquite tree two years ago.  We like
that.  Go figure.  Here’s a link to the Sides page:

In the Full Cowhides Division
we received a nice lot of thick full hides in a light tan color, with a
dark brown ‘wash’ over the top to make it look rustic or something along
those lines.  Nice looking leather.  Looks like something a cowboy
would like, and the overall color is sort of a light cream, so this one’s
called Vanilla Cowboy, and it’s on the Full Cowhides page, which, last
time we saw it, was right about here:

We’ve also got new additions
to the Clearance page, and way down toward the bottom of our Scrap Leathers
page we now have Scrap Lots – these are lots of the same leather, sold
based on how much is in each lot.  Need about 20 sq ft of black soft
upholstery leather?  It might be there – worth a look anyway.

In other news BV Employee
003 is going to graduate from U Tampa this coming weekend.  We’re
very proud of her – will be making the trip to watch our eldest daughter
receive her diploma, so forgive us if the phone doesn’t get answered right
away.  We’ll be checking messages and, as I’ve done for 18 years now,
I’ll check e-mail a few times each day.  Thanks in advance for your

Hope you’re enjoying beautiful
weather, wherever you may be.  Thanks for reading, and for your support
of our family business.



Full range of parts for antique trunk restoration

Almost to the top of Baxter
Peak, Mount Katahdin.  The northern end of the Appalachian Trail.