Brettuns Village Trunks & Leather

Old Trunks, New Leather.  All from Maine.

May 19, 2017

When you work for a company that sells leather craft supplies, along with antique trunks and trunk/suitcase parts, and vintage skeleton keys, it should come as no big shock to find that the Human Resources Manager is a black lab.  Those of us who’ve worked for Brettuns Village for a while don’t think much about it anymore, but the new staff, wow, they have it tough, trying to schedule a vacation or make a change to their dental plan.  They go in the office with their own personal mission, but all they get is some wagging, or maybe just snoring, as Indie is now 7 years old and classifies nap time as ‘the 23 hours of the day that Mr. Misters is NOT throwing thowzits (tennis ball).’  I guess it’s just another piece of the BV puzzle.

Here comes summer, and all the great stuff that we think of in Maine once the snow melts.  You know, the ‘great stuff’ like mosquitos, traffic jams, crowded camp grounds, etc.  So much to look forward to, but, on a lighter note, I really do look forward to a lot of stuff. The vegetable garden, for example, and mowing (which is therapy for me), and sometimes mowing the vegetable garden if I lose focus.  Yard sales, swimming in Brettuns Pond (Indie swam last evening for the first time this year), and the tourists who’ll poke their noses into the doorway here at our building, asking if BV really exists and, if so, "can I just come in and look around?"  Of course you can.

In the Leather business we’re looking at very full shelves – need purple leather?  Got it.  Red suede?  Yup.  Veg tan sides for making knife sheaths and that cool Gladiator helmet?  Yessir.  Scrap pieces you can shove under your car seats to bring back that new car smell? Over 2 tons of it.  Pink, green, blue smaller panels of good leather for my smaller crafts?  Ayuh.  Poke around the website- you’ll see. We’ve got a lot of inventory, and we’d love to have you help us move it out.

You’re a newsletter subscriber right?  Sure you are.  You’re reading this drivel right now.  OK, so, if you spend $100 or more on the BV site (leather crafts, trunks, or keys – we’re not picky) between now and Monday morning, 8 am, EST, we’ll send back $10 to your payment method.  That’s ten bucks you can use for a nice lunch or a haircut or a bubble-eyed fishing lure or some kite string or 4 pair of very cheap sunglasses or a tube of sunblock.  You know – summer stuff.
Please place your order, then e-mail us ( and just put "$10 back" or maybe "$10 back please" in the e-mail and Gladys the Magnificent will take care of it.

If you haven’t been to the BV website in a while we’ve made some changes.  It used to be called ‘editing’ but somewhere over the last couple of years it became ‘coding.’  So, OK, we’ve been coding up a storm, with some help from a local company who employs about a dozen kids in their early 20s who can do just about Jack Anything with a website.  It’s been fun.  We have more to do, more coding, so take a gander now and then, please.

Know what a Maine blackfly tastes like?  If you’ve ever been camping up this way during this middle part of May I’ll bet you know exactly how they taste, and it sure isn’t like chicken.  Annoying little buggers, so you just have to keep your lips clamped shut and remind yourself that what they’re doing is just bouncing around until they fall in the stream or the pond, and then all they do is make the trout bigger.  That helps us to accept them; or it helps some, until one gets into your inner ear.  Ouch.

Our store open hours may seem a bit restrictive (2 hours per month), but this summer, if you find yourself in the neighborhood, feel free to drop in.  We’re generally here from 6am-6pm, Monday-Friday.  In case you need an emergency trunk lid stay or a back-up raccoon tail or whatever.  Gotcha covered.

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