Brettuns Village Trunks & Leather

Old Trunks, New Leather.  All from Maine.

May 22, 2007

Frost on the spinach leaves can cause them to be a little less crunchy
than normal, and that’s what we’ve got upcountry today.  Soggy spinach. 
Wide spread frost this morning in Maine has left the yard and garden a
bit on the slippery side, and it must be a little chilly too because the
wild turkeys seem to be high stepping a bit to keep their toes off the
frost.  That’s just a bit of a mental image for you to help start
your day.  Pretty up here right now – all the new leaves have a vivid
green glow to them, and this crisp air really helps the whole scene. 
I’m sure it’s the same where you are.

If you’ve been on this newsletter list for a while you know how bad
things can get.  We got bad news a few weeks ago when the company
that handled sending out these e-mails let us know that they wouldn’t be
providing that service any longer, so we had to find a new company to handle
this mess.  I think we’ve found the right folks for the job, and this
is really just a test to make sure it works.  You can still unsubscribe
in a jiffy when the malarkey gets to you.  If you have any comments
on this new system please let me know.

One thing I’ve got here in great numbers are sheep hides, chrome tanned
and very, very soft.  Dark brown, about 2 feet wide and 2-3 feet long. 
Since this is a test message and you’ve read this far, if you’d like some
dark brown sheep hides I’ll send you 6 of them for $80 flat (that’s $20
off). If you’d like those leopard spot sheep hides

we’ll do 6 of those for $50 (about half off).  Free shipping to
any USA address.  Just send it by PayPal to
or give us a call.  E-mail works too if you just want to reserve some,
then follow up with payment thru the mail or whatever. If you’d like to
see these hides they’re shown on our Lightweight Leathers page:

Thanks very much, and be sure to have a great week this week. 
Next week too.

Churchill Barton

Brettuns Village Leather

Lewiston, Maine