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Old Trunks, New Leather. 
All from Maine.

May 30, 2013


Greetings to our newsletter
subscribers, and Happy Spring of 2013, or maybe even An Early Glimpse of
Summer 2013.  Today upcountry here in Maine we may see temps outside
just north of 75 degrees – something we usually like to avoid until 4th
of July, but here it is.  Makes one start thinking about going for
a swim or maybe just hanging out on the dock, as it’s sort of like air
conditioning out there, just inches above the water.  I think it’s
because the water was ice until not all that long ago, and if you see a
fish from the dock it’s barely moving as its brain is still mostly frozen,
sort of like slush.  No swimming quite yet, unless you really want
to meet one of those handsome Game Wardens from the TV show up close and
very personal.  My point?  Warm air, cold water, blue skies,
and it all adds up to one grand conclusion:  Black flies.  Spring? 
You can have it.

Telephone System News: 
Clyde and his co-worker, Len, finally hung that wire from over there to
over here, and there’s some sort of box on the pole across the way, so
now we have a phone that might work.  To celebrate, we unplugged it
today so’s to keep ahead of the orders coming in through the web site,
but before we cut out of there this evening we plan to plug it back in. 
So now if you really, really need to call in your order, the old toll-free
number (numbah, in Maine) will be put back to work.

Write this down:  1-844-492-4930

Same as it used to be, but
now it’s supposed to actually ring here in our BV Global Order Fulfillment
and R/C Helicopter Test Flight Center, conveniently located next to the
river in Lewiston, Maine.  It’s big news, I know.  We’ll do our
best to answer and to help you place your order efficiently.  Thanks
in advance.

Catch your first trout yet
this year?  I mean open water fishing, not ice fishing.  Not
me.  Next time we make it to camp I plan to tie myself to the dock
and fish with extreme concentration until some near-death trout decides
that since it’s giving up the ghost any second now anyway it might as well
impale itself on my hook.  You won’t see this style of fishing on
any of those TV shows, but you also won’t see me wearing a jumpsuit that
has 158 corporate logos stitched to it and a loudspeaker hidden you don’t
want to know where that plays snappy advertising jingles each time I bend
my knees to lift another fish out of the water like they do on those shows. 
Sure, we have some large mouth bass in Maine, but they taste funny compared
to smallmouth and, worse yet, compare them to trout and the Big Mouth Bass
tastes like one of those old bicycle tube patching kits we had in the 60s
where you lit fire to the glue and then coughed for three days because
of something in that black smoke.  Me?  I like trout.  I’ll
catch one, you’ll see.  I’ll report back.

Not sure if you ‘liked’ us
on Facebook but you might want to give that a whirl if you’d like to get
mad at our ridiculous announcements about new arrivals, sales, and the
Vastly Improved Deal of the Week.  It’s painless, or at least as painless
as reading anything else this corporation (that slays me!) puts in print. 
Latest news on FB has been about a new shipment of wild belt buckles, some
new full cowhides, beautiful leather really, and some additions to our
tool line.  If you poke around the site you’ll see it.  Maybe.

OK, can’t put this off any
longer.  Many of you have been subscribers to our newsletters for
a lot of years.  Holy cow.  Some of you will remember when we
first brought Jenny, our black lab pup, home from the kennel.  I’ve
tried to keep you posted on her activities over the years, and I’ve bragged
about a couple of amazing retrieves she made on our duck hunting trips
up this way.  It always amazed me how ready she was to go – cold water,
blowing snow, didn’t matter.  I’d line her up, send her, and off she’d
go.  Recently, at 13.5 years, Jenny has had a rough go of it, and
though we didn’t want to do it we knew it was time.  I sent her on
the last, big retrieve, and so I know when I get there, I hope many years
from now, That Dog will be waiting for me, ready to be told she’s a good
girl, and that tail will wag so hard it’ll almost knock me over. 
Good dog, Jenny.  Rest east now  – I’ll get there in time.

Get ready for a great weekend
– and by great I mean I don’t think we’ll be shoveling any snow up this
way.  Thanks-



Lewiston, Maine

One of the rare times that
Jenny let me drive her boat.