Brettuns Village Trunks & Leather

Old Trunks, New Leather.  All from Maine.

June 3, 2009

Greetings from Maine-

What I like about June is
that we begin to get some warm weather, so

it’s usually safe to put
away the long underwear, thermal socks, and

some of the sweaters that
we’ve worn like survival gear since the 1st

of October.  Sadly,
thanks to Global Warming I guess, it’s still

darned cold up Maine way. 
The long underwear are still deployed, and

even with the sun shining
in through the window here at BV Worldwide

Headquarters, scenically
overlooking the sewage treatment plant in

Lewiston, I’ve got on those
thick socks and a polar fleece sweater.

It’ll warm up a bit later
in the day, but it’s not there yet.  By the

end of this month we should
feel some heat, though it may only be

emanating from the fire
pit out back.  At least the snow has melted

around town.

Updated the Weekly Deal this
morning – we stuck our woven leather

panels on there for you,
and knocked the price back by a third.  We

also put our Evergreen suede
hides on sale there at $11 each (sold in

groups of 5 hides for $55). 
Free shipping within the 48 condealerous

United States, and we can
do free shipping for AK and HI on those

woven panels, thanks to
the US Postal Service.

Check it out – our Weekly
Deal is updated every Wednesday morning:

Here’s another quick note
– a way to save $5.  We have our own line of

setting tools, made right
here in Maine for us, and we just put a

group together at a discounted
price.  You can get our rivet splash

tool, our large eyelet setter,
and our small eyelet setter for $40

flat.  Shipping included
for our USA customers.  You know the drill.

See this on our Tools page. 
If you feel like it.

OK, let’s get back to work. 
Busy hands make light work or whatever.

Have a great mid-week-


Brettuns Village Leather

Maine (state motto: “As
Cold as it Sounds”)