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June 19, 2006

If you read that e-mail I sent on Friday you know I had a chance to
get out fishing in one of my favorite places on this particular planet. 
Naturally, if you’ve ever wet a line, you’ll want to know how it went,
so this is the follow-up e-mail.

First though – a reminder that every so often when the mood strikes
us we close the barn and disappear on vacation, and that’s about to happen
again.  We’re taking off this Thursday, heading to Williamsburg, VA
to inject some history into the Dynamic Daughters.  Will be back upcountry
for 4th of July weekend, so, if you place an order during that span (June
22 – June 30) it won’t be going anywhere until we get back and re-open. 
Keep in mind that we post our schedule on the Shipping page on the site,
so you can always plan ahead to avoid our little disappearing acts.

Fishing report-  Got up to Oquossoc about 10 am (had to do some
work before I left), and made my way upstream to one of my favorite pools. 
Caught a brook trout right off the bat, which I took as a good sign, and
the rest of the day followed right along.  I did pretty much what
I told you I was going to do, made my way downstream until the bugs drove
me off the water at about 7 pm.  Caught three nice salmon – what we
call Landlocks up here, and three brookies.  The water was higher
than I’ve ever seen it, so the fishing was tough, but I found these few
fish in some quieter stretches.  Got swept off my feet once or twice
in the chutes, banged my shins up, sunburned my ears.  A great day,
all in all.  Thanks for asking.

Last day of school today – you should see the grins on the faces of
these two gals.  I think they just may be ready for summer.

See you in July-


Brettuns Village