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June 20, 2014



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You know what tomorrow is,
don’t you?  Yes, that’s right, the first day of Winter.  Seems
like we just got rid of the snow down back in the woods and now, as of
June 21st, the days start getting shorter again.  Here we are, not
even finished with black fly season, tourists still pouring in through
the gate down to Kittery, and it’s time to check the firewood pile, sharpen
the snow blower blades, and clean out the chimney.  Isn’t that just
great?  For the time being, we’re enjoying some rather nice weather
hereabouts, and we hope each and every one of you finds the time to visit
Maine this summer.  You’ve got about eight weeks, so jump on the gas.

Our trunk parts customers
know that we carry a lot of parts, pieces, and doo-dads for trunks that
need such things, but what you may not know is that we recently bought
yet another bumper crop of old stock parts, left over from a well-known
trunk maker, so we have quite a few new (but old) corners, clamps, lid
stays, handle brackets, and feet, mostly in plated brass, but what we like
about these is that they sat around in a warehouse for so many decades
that the brass has dulled or tarnished, and in some cases flat out rusted,
so that they don’t have that “You bought me yesterday at the big box store”
look.  Check out the Parts pages for pictures and the usual flowery
descriptions.  It’s right about here, last time I saw it:

Let me also just mention
that there’s a very nice cabin trunk on our ‘Trunks For Sale’ page:

Restored steamer trunk for sale with free USA shipping

This one is about the right
height to serve as a coffee table, and I can just about picture you sort
of slouching back into the couch; those big, fluffy wool socks from LL
Bean on your feet, and your feet resting on this trunk whilst you watch
the Red Sox on the tube as they continue to figure out what the blue blazes
they’re doing this year.  It’s a nice trunk, brass lock with a working
key – you’ll see it when you get over there.  Here’s a link:

Our leather customers have
continued to gobble up Sunrise WigWam; still our most popular leather of
all time, and we’ve added a new side leather, thicker (a full 6 oz) in
a nice, ‘you can use this for anything’ shade of brown, called Grizzly
Bear, probably because Charlie was watching the National Geographic channel
the other night (which is what he does when he gets mad at the Red Sox),
and saw those bears catching plump salmon in mid-air – you know – filmed
at that one place where everybody takes those pictures and thinks they’ve
captured it better than anyone else but if you ask me if you’ve seen one
bear catch a salmon you’ve, well, you get the picture.  The point
is (yes, there is one) that our Grizzly Bear sides are showing signs of
catching up to WigWam, so we’ve got quite a horse race going on. 
Maybe it’s a cattle race.  It’s up to you.

Brown leather hides for making quiversBrown leather hides for making quivers

Is your old black leather
jacket looking a little ratty around the edges?  Or – and now please
understand that I’m not judging here – does that old jacket seem to have
shrunk and somehow the snaps or zippers don’t quite meet up anymore? 
No worries – another new side leather for us is called ‘Black Jacket’ and
it’s standing by here, ready to widen those seams or replace those worn
areas, or start over from scratch – get a couple of sides, make a jacket,
then make matching chaps, then a headwrap (is that what you guys call those
things?), and then a cover for your gas tank, and why not some pants, so
you’re all black leather from helmet to high heels and then, as of tomorrow,
get out in that summer sun and sweat like there’s no tomorrow, and your
friends in your motorcycle club seem to all want you to ride at the rear
of the pack.  They may not understand that it’s your new weight loss
plan.  Oh well.

Black leather for biker jacketsBlack leather hides on sale

If you’re working on a project
and need some leather, maybe less than a hide but more than a scrap, you
may want to check out a new addition to our list of Too Many Choices: 
Scrap Lots.  Scrap Lots are pieces of left over leather, grouped up
because they’re either all from the same leather (such as Horween ChromeXL
thick harness leather in dark brown) or they share some common trait that
just makes them seem like they should be grouped together.  Our Scrap
Lots are a good way to get a small pile of leather for not much money,
and yes, Gertie, all of our prices on all of our websites still include
shipping to any address in the 48 contiguous United States, and most of
these Scrap Lots can be shipped free to Alaska and Hawaii too, along with
Guam, the Philippines, and other Territories.  If USPS delivers your
mail and if we can fit it into a flat rate box (and sometimes the sounds
that come from the shipping area make it sound like quite a wrestling match)
then you’re in.  We do our best to offer our free shipping program
to as many customers as possible.  Our motto is simple:  Buy
Leather, Not Postage.

Scrap Lots are down toward
the bottom of this page:

Get your garden in? 
If not you may be running a bit behind so get out there with your dibble
(that’s an actual gardening tool name) and get those seeds in.  Do
it now.  Get up from your desk, say ‘Have a nice weekend’ to your
co-workers, and go get that garden in.  Get those 18″ high tomato
plants from the Farmer’s Union and plant em sideways in a trench with just
the top 3 or 4 inches sticking out – this warms up the roots and pushes
those plants up quick.  Mulch em, then move on to get the potatoes
in – get moving!

OK, sorry to put the pressure
on; I just don’t want you swinging by my place in late August asking if
we have any spare zucchini.  If I had spare zucchini I would have
snuck it onto your front porch days ago.

Have a great weekend, and
thanks for reading this mess.

Churchill Barton

Yes I Mulch with Leather

Brettuns Village

Lewiston, Maine