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July 1, 2009

The Maine summer
– we wait a long time for it to arrive, and we think about it from October
through May.  Collectively, the population of our state, meaning us
Mainers, put a large amount of brain-wave pressure on the climate ‘ because
we’re all focused on getting outside, swatting some black flies, and working
on any level of tan that will help erase all similarities between our bodies
and a trout’s belly.  Color-wise.  We’ve almost reached 4th of
July, and that means corn that’s got to be knee high to make it, some early
salad crops are harvestable, and that bridge that allows out-of-staters
to creep into Maine, the one across the Piscataqua River between Maine
and New Hamster, is clogged up worse than Grandpa in February.  Usually.

Everything’s different this
year: the economy, the President, the weather.  The weather. 
As I said, we wait a long time for summer to arrive.  This year we’re
still waiting.  Our summer weather has been coming down in drops. 
Big drops, little drops, misty droplets ‘ we’ve seen them all.  Rain,
rain, more rain, and today, for a change, it’s going to rain some more. 
Our state’s in a rotten mood, and we’re pasty white to boot.  Shoot. 
The bridge isn’t so clogged up.  The pockets of those who have ventured
north are bulging with economic stimulus cash, or at least we suspect they
are, but the tourists are buying raincoats, boot driers, and bumbershoots
(I explained that one a few newsletters ago).  Lobsters too, of course. Can’t take a trip upcountry without wrapping your hands around one of
these creatures, whipping out the tool kit that’s required to eat them,
and digging in.  This helps the economy a bit.

So far in 2009 Maine has
broken most old records for amount of rainfall received, cloudy days, and
surly attitudes.  Pen these folks up indoors for a long winter like
we had this year and then cap it off with all this rain, and headlines
start showing up in the paper that look more like February than July. 
Arguments in remote fishing camps, scuffles in convenience stores, mud
boot sales go through the roof, land-locked salmon getting tired, etc. 
Enough already.

We all know what’s coming
too – you just wait – next newsletter will be my annual July/August whining
about the lousy heat and humidity,  crowded roads and overflowing
state parks, restaurant lines and traffic jams.  None of it sounds
too bad right now, as I check to make sure my snorkel is within reach,
just in case.

With all this rain I’m really
glad that a lot of our leather comes from US tanners who know how to make
leather water resistant.  Waxes, oils, silicones, etc.  We got
in a couple of new leathers that have been treated for water resistance. 
Remember the Chainsaw sides we had two months ago?  Got another batch,
this time in Dark Brown.  Looking for something a little softer? 
Check out Prairie Mud ‘ maybe not a great name but it truly is a great
leather.  Beautiful stuff, both are on the Full Hides and Sides page
over on the website.  Convenient, ain’t it?

The Deal of the Week continues
to be popular, which has kept our teenage employees hopping.  Hayley,
our 15-year old, has had her nose stuck in a crate of D-rings for a few
days, but you already knew about her D-Ring experience if you checked out
the Deal of the Week.  She was hoping you guys would buy up all the
rings before she sorted/counted/bagged them, and you’ve made quite a dent,
but it’s not looking good for the Hayster.  There’s still time, as
that DOTW will be left posted for another go-round this coming week (with
a pretty decent deal on sole bends  added also).  She’d appreciate
it, I can guarantee you, if you’d contribute to the cause.  I’ve been
sending That Kid into dusty old crates, shipping containers, warehouses,
and boarded-up factory buildings since she was old enough to lug a minimum
of 10 pounds and maintain it at gut level through a minimum of 5 flights
of creaky old wooden stairs.  She was about 10, as I recall. 
Help her out, if you need D-rings.

If you’re one of the lucky
1.8 million visitors who will visit Maine this summer, assuming it ever
arrives, I hope you get some better weather.  If it stays the same,
just do like the locals.  Stay inside, put another log on the fire,
and drink like you were back in the Navy again.

Over and out-



Auburn, Maine

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