Brettuns Village Trunks & Leather

Old Trunks, New Leather.  All from Maine.

July 3, 2001

I know, I know. 
Enough already.  Sorry for the intrusion.

More new stuff on the site,
and I’m committed to letting our subscribers

know about it first.

I recently told you about
garment-grade sides in off-white and dark brown,

2 oz, chrome tanned, nice
finish on them.  They’re posted on the website


We priced them at the usual
$50 per side, but added a twist.  Many of you

are small business owners,
or are working toward being one, so we included

a bulk price break. 
Buy 10 or more sides and you’ll pay just $40 per

side.  USA shipping
is always included in our prices, as you know.  I hope.

New supply of leather laces
in stock.  We used to sell 20-inch laces,

finally got some more of
them.  We also got 40 inch laces.  All  of our

laces are chrome-tanned
leather, about an eighth of an inch square.  See

them on our Parts page:

I still have to get the buffalo
scrap leather posted to the site.  I’m

getting there.  Also
unloaded another 4000 pounds of armor scrap, 12 oz,

oiled veg tan, in black,
burgundy, and tan today.  I’ll get that stuff on

there too.

Meanwhile, since it looks
like you might not get to Maine this summer (it

ends tomorrow), I posted
some pictures you might get a kick out of.  Some

of these were taken on a
recent staff outing to fly fish on Kennebago

Stream up in Rangeley, Maine,
others are from right out on Brettuns Pond.

(2009 note – not sure where
these photos ended up!)

Thanks a million.



Brettuns Village Leather

Auburn, Maine