Brettuns Village Trunks & Leather

Old Trunks, New Leather.  All from Maine.

July 25, 2000

Hi Folks:

Summer must be about shot;
it’s been down in the 40s every morning lately.

The pumpkins are getting
big, the tomatoes are busting, but nothing is ripe

yet, except that early sweet
corn, which we’ve been enjoying (always plant

your corn uphill from the
kitchen, so you can get it in the boiling water

faster, stays sweeter that
way).  Up here, at the end of each growing

season, all the window sills
in the house get covered with tomatoes, trying

to coax a little redness
into them just before Amanda gets into

sauce-making mode. 
If you’ve been suffering through the heat where you

are, hop in your car and
drive up.  To give you an idea how cool a summer

we’ve had, Moosehead Lake’s
water temp never got out of the 60s this year.

That’s chilly.

Trunk news – we’ve been finding
some nice, original condition trunks

lately.  Rather than
refinish them, we’ve been selling them more or less

as-is, preservation of their
historic nature and all that stuff.  They’re

on the site’s For Sale page
if you’d like to see:

We’ve had a number of requests
for slightly heavier, thicker trunk

handles.  Our common
trunk handles are made of two layers of leather, but

we’ve now added an additional
handle style (TH-03, secret code) that has

three layers of leather.
Seven bucks a pair, shipping included.  They’re

shown over on our Parts

The trunk straps that we’ve
been telling you about are being made right

now (the maker was waiting
for the right buckles to arrive), so we should

have them in a week or two. 
These are turning out quite nicely, the edges

of the straps are being
stained, the buckles have an antique brass finish.

I think you’ll like them. 
We’re still hoping to have them priced, with

shipping included, at a
cost per pair well below what other places charge

for a single strap. 
Don’t worry, you’ll hear more about these when they

arrive.  If you think
that’s something really, really worth looking

forward to, you need a vacation.

Speaking of vacations, we
took ours to Tennessee/Georgia/North Carolina

just so we could join the
long lines of cars driving through Smokey Mtn

National Park. What a crowd. 
Still, it’s a beautiful area.  We drove

down with the girls, did
720 miles the first day, which put us in

Virginia.  If we can
do that in our old junker there’s no excuse for you

not visiting us in Maine. 
As far as we can tell it’s the same distance

heading north as it is heading

Time to hit the road, heading
up to Skowhegan today to an auction and to

do some work.  Bear
hunting season opens next week, another sure sign that

frost will be on the pumpkins
before we know it.  I saw that fisher run

across the door yard again
last week, what a beautiful animal.  He or she

has cost us a couple of
cats and three bunnies in the last few years, but

also does a great job of
keeping woodchucks out of the garden.  That’s

give-and-take, I guess.

Warmest Regards from Maine;

Churchill Barton

Stuck at the Keyboard