Brettuns Village Trunks & Leather

Old Trunks, New Leather.  All from Maine.

August 3, 2007

When things turn this warm
up here in Maine we get worried about things like how the elderly are fairing
over at the nursing home in West Paris, if the milking cows can find enough
shade out afield, since they certainly aren’t a-barn this time of year,
and, most of all, we worry about how the new leather will sell.  August
– here it is, full force, over 90 degrees, might as well be 200 degrees
F.  Why on earth we dream about this in January I’ll never understand.
New leather?  Did I mention new leather?  I guess so.

You know how it is with cattle. 
Born in the pasture, they learn to walk within hours, and go on to lead
rich, productive lives.  This is true as long as your definition of
‘productive’ rolls along a little like this:  Eat, sleep, eat some
more, repeat for a pre-determined number of months, say hello to the fast
food joint.  The end.  Leather, or cowhide, most commonly, is
a by-product of this industry.  Waste not, want not.  It’s good,
I suppose to see those hides get turned into something useful that will
protect your feet from the elements, or protect your chairs from your backside,
or hold your arrows in one spot on your back this Fall, or keep your watch
on your wrist where it belongs, or hold your pooch’s tags around said pooch’s
neck as required by the local ordinance, or keep your folding money and
driver’s license in your back pocket or purse, or whatever else it is you
use leather for in your world.  The age-old process of tending cattle
and raising them right is very important to those of us who feed our families
off the leather game.  With this new type of leather we have in stock,
well, come to think of it, I guess it’s pretty much the same.

Even at a young age this
creature knows that there’s safety in numbers, so it sticks together with
its kin, and they roam here or there, typically as a group, while searching
for food or safe haven.  During their early days they’ve not even
a scant notion of how their hides will become prized possessions in the
human world; no idea whatsoever of the very basic facts that make up their
lives, one of which goes like this:  Your skin will adorn many fashionable
folk, those two-legged things that drive too fast and spend too much money
on things like, well, just about everything but one good example would
be fly fishing gear.  Keep that in mind.

As these things get a little
older they tend to leave the group more often, and eventually strike out
pretty much on their own.  I’m not talking about teenagers, not human
ones anyway, so you can forget that thought right here and now, mister. 
This thing continues it’s roaming ways, traveling almost always, until
one day, a certain type of

cowboy, though not on a
horse (nor goat nor camel nor F-150) spies it and drives it into a type
of corral.  Removed from its element then, the creature is dispatched
(with either a thump on the head or an electric charge), and, like cows
or chickens, the meat goes one way, the hide the other.  That’s where
we come in.

These hides are unusual,
dyed many bright colors, finished, and are now for sale on our site. 
See the Hides and Sides page if you’d care to check it out.  I should
probably tell you what they are, but let’s just leave it up to those of
you who are shopping for a new type of leather, something that comes in
smaller hides, and sells for $12 or

less.  With free USA
shipping too, because you just flat out demand that (or we force it on
you, I can’t tell which).  If you feel like checking them out, or
if you just think something smells fishy, head on over to the site. 
Do you remember studying foreshadowing in high school English class?

Another piece of important
news, and I’d appreciate it if you could pay attention here, because this
one will affect your bank account: You know what’s happening with fuel
prices, and you know how prices for everything are heading up. Our shipping
computer here at the Fabulous Brettuns Village Worldwide Headquarters and
Spa runs some

shipping software that stops
every so often and announces “You’re Receiving a FREE Software Update!!” 
I guess we’re supposed to get all giddy over it but we finally figured
out that this just means the rates are heading up again.  So, since
I’m in charge, and that means I call the shots, and that makes me feel
like a real big man, and, oh forget it but let’s just say that I got sick
and tired of it and decided to cut many of our prices on the site, because
higher fuel prices at your house mean less money for leather, so leather’d
better cost less or we won’t be hearing from you very often, so now the
Hides and Sides page has some deals going.  With a little html editing

knocked $20 off our sole
bends, and $5 or $10 off the price of many other sides/hides.  Shipping’s
still free.  You deserve it.

Heading to Pennsic for that
massive sword flinging extravaganza?  Drop by our shop while you’re
there – we’re only 17 hours north of the site.  We can stay open a
little later if we know you’re coming, so drop a line.

Go find an air conditioner
and sit in front of it.


Brettuns Village Leather

Lewiston, Maine