Brettuns Village Trunks & Leather

Old Trunks, New Leather.  All from Maine.

September 3, 2007

Hey Folks:

The fashion world is abuzz
with whisperings about the new leathers that hit the loading dock, but
not the forklift, at Brettuns Village.  Dusty Rose (or call it pink),
white, and black chap sides arrived last week, and they’re spectacular.
Things were pretty busy when they arrived, so they went on racks and stayed
out back on the dock for a while. That made them outstanding.  Out
standing on the dock.  (rimshot) I’m here all week.

The type of leather we got
in is consistent – US-branded cowhide sides, 4 oz, soft, dyed and not ‘painted’
so you can still tell this stuff is real and not vinyl.  Three popular
colors.  OK, two popular colors, and one not-so-popular-but-them-as-needs-it-are-always-glad-to-find-it
color.  Black, white, and pink.  Truly nice leather, and priced
to go with the usual free shipping for our 48-state customers.  See
this stuff here:

Be sure you scroll down the
page, and by that I mean keep scrolling until you’re pretty sure you’re
down in the cellar next to the acorn squash.  As you fall down that
page you’ll also see some full calf hides in a color we’re calling Pontiac
Green, and a few other items here and there.  I only added those to
make your journey pass a little more quickly.  That page is getting
to be about 20 feet long if you print it all out.  Don’t.

The Clearance page was updated
last week by one of our star employees, right before school kicked back
into gear for the year.  How’d she grow up so fast?  10th grade? 
Doesn’t seem possible.  Driver’s ed, and she’s out on the open road. 
Seems like just yesterday I was writing something in one of these pathetic
newsletters about her learning to spell dog or cat or latigo or something. 
Time to start looking at colleges, and believe me when I say we’re counting
on your support.  What was this paragraph about again? Oh, the Clearance
page.  A lot of full hides on there.  It’s right here:


Happy Labor Day, the traditional
end of summer here in Maine, and it sort of feels like it. We’ve been up
at camp lately, and sleeping with the windows open is still OK as long
as you’ve got a few blankets on the bunk.  Still, keep that window
open and you’ve got to listen to those loons all night. If you live in
the city then you have your own

brand of loons that keep
you up at night; ours seem pretty cool the first night at camp, but by
the third night you’re picturing them on the roasting spit, let me tell
you.  Been doing some bear hunting, which for me is better labeled
‘tree napping,’ because that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.  No bears,
or at least not when I was awake.  Oh well.

We’ll be closed on Friday
as I’m heading up to Chandler Pond in northern Maine to pursue those big
brook trout up there.  Drop by if you’re up that way.  Put it
in your GPS and it should just about explode, as Chandler is a 7 hour drive
from us, though still in Maine.   It’s up there.  Have a
great week –

Churchill Barton

Brettuns Village Leather