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September 27, 2006

The VP of Finance and I were having us a conflab the other afternoon
– and I guess I should stop right here to point out to any flatlander self-subscribing
victims of this newsletter that a ‘conflab’ is what you call a discussion
here upcountry, say for example if you’re up eating your lunch aside Third
Musquacook Lake and out of nowhere Bill Sylvester drops his float plane
in there to see how you’re doing and the next thing you know you’re in
a discussion about the traffic congestion on the road around Seboomook
– well, that’s a conflab by Maine standards and that’s what the VP (Amanda)
and I were engaged in when she asked me a critical question.  Corporate
VPs are like that.  They know how to stir the pot; have a knack for
kindling a fire under them that need it most.  I’m sure glad I hired
her.  Anyway, she looked at me in that Vice-Presidential way and asked
me when was the last time, for the love of Mike, that we put something
on sale for you folks.  I don’t know about you, but when I get blind-sided
by a question like that, something straight out of the blue, I’ve conditioned
myself over the years to remain calm and answer confidently so that what
I present is an air of confidence and success.  This used to work
great for me in the corporate world, because I could honestly state, in
answer to just about any question, that I had hard-working, intelligent
staff members tackling that very problem, even as we speak.  These
days, however, I look around and all I can see is That Dog, so, sadly,
a disproportionate amount of oversight gets laid at poor Jenny’s feet. 
What that is right there, asleep on my left foot as I type this garbage,
is a scape-dog.  I’m OK with it.  Duck season opens on Monday,
so there’s no way on earth that Jenny will complain.  It’s perfect.

OK, there’s no avoiding VP Amanda’s point – time for a sale, so I tossed
a few items on a Sale page that’s posted only for those of you who subject
yourselves to these newsletters.  It’s not meant to compensate you
for the time lost reading this bird cage liner that I write, it’s just
meant to save you a few bucks and to help us get rid of some stuff that’s
been around here for way too long.  If you’ve been with us a while
you’ll recognize a few of the items.  Corduroy leather, for example. 
Should have been a hit, but noisy leather pants just aren’t a big seller
anymore, apparently.  Here’s the sale page:

You’ll find some printed leathers, leather laces, and belt keepers on
there, so it’s worth a look.  Please.  For those of you who subscribe
to our antique trunk newsletter, I included you in this just in case you’re
hunting some leather to cover a project trunk or to wrap one of the grandkids
in or whatever.

Big shipment of new leathers coming in next week; might be just what
you’ve been looking for, and by that I mean this may be the shipment that
has the lime green lizard-print calf hide that glows in the dark and sparks
when you strike it with flint and if you roll it up and toot through it
the darned stuff plays Broadway show tunes, and, while we’re at it, leave
it under the bed at night and it prints money and in the morning it makes
sandwiches for your lunch.  You know what I mean.  The perfect
leather.  Wish I could tell you what’s in this shipment, but I have
no idea at all.  We’ll find out when the doors of the truck get flung
open.  I say ‘flung open’ because that’s what some of the truck drivers
do when I explain about the forklift.  If you’ve been reading these
letters for a while you just heard a rimshot in your mind when you read
that.  I’m here all week.

Cool nights lately, so Jenny’s been sleeping by the door, afraid I might
go off duck hunting and forget to take her.  She doesn’t get it –
I’m not swimming after those birds.  That’s her job.  Bear season
is behind us already – the tally board shows a lot of great naps in the
woods, but no bears this year.  That’s fine.  Getting out there
isn’t about pulling the trigger, that’s for sure.  If you plan to
go afield this Fall I wish you great luck, and great solace, comfort, and
success.  Come up and join us on the river, and remember that if you
miss just blame it on That Dog.  She’s used to it.

Holler if you need anything-


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