Brettuns Village Trunks & Leather

Old Trunks, New Leather.  All from Maine.

October 12, 2002



Just thought I’d let you
know that it’s pretty darned colorful up here in Maine right now. 
Our leaves are reaching the peak of their color transformation, which leads
to two common truths:

1.  In a few weeks,
all this color will disappear and we’ll be plunged into a gray world until
next June; and

2.  The roads are clogged
full of leaf gawkers, driving down the shoulder of every road, stopping
to take pictures of the things we see everyday.  These folks drive
like they’ve just received a major blow to the head from an extremely heavy
object, then they swilled down about ten beers to ease the pain.

Want to see some other fall
colors?  Finally got those pictures of the new suede hides up on the
site.  Some of the colors we had have already sold out (dark brown,
charcoal, etc) but what’s shown on the new suede page is what’s left in
stock.  Here’s a link:

Still a couple days left
on the suede sale (6 hides for $100 as long as at least one of them is
purple).  Nobody knows about this sale except you newsletter subscribers. 
Well, Eben Timberlake knows about it too, but that’s just because he stopped
by for a glass of hard cider the other night.  He can keep a secret.

We also got a load of cowhide
double butt splits in a nice gray color.  These are 2.5 oz splits,
brushed suede surface, running about 16 square feet on average.  They’re
shown on that suede web page too, down toward the bottom.  Just thought
I’d mention it.

Hope the leaves are changing
where you are.  Best time of year, just ask Jenny (our loyal black
lab who made 7 perfect duck retrieves this morning).  Supposed to
go down to 14 degrees Monday night.  That sure takes the fight out
of the mosquitos.

Maine base clear-

Churchill Barton

Brettuns Village Leather