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October 30, 2008

Hello Brettuns Village Subscribers:

I always get a boot out of letting you know how the weather’s doing

upcountry, so if you’ve been a newsletter victim for a while you’ve

read about snow storms, sleet attacks, slush disasters, and, way back

in 1998, the 14-days-with-no-power ice storm that kept us stoking the

woodstove around the clock.  So, with trick-or-treating right

the corner, my youngest daughter, though not all that young anymore,

wasn’t too thrilled about the snow that was swirling around last night

when I picked her up from swim team practice.  She remembers very

the Halloween of Extreme Discomfort a few years ago when her Fairy

Princess costume was hidden by her winter coat, and the fake glass

slippers had to stay at home, replaced by the snow boots.  It’s

a little touchy this time of year I guess.

When the economic news is all good, as it has been lately (for short

sellers), I like to buck the trend by buying up all the new leather

can find to add to the website.  Those contrarian investor gurus

always say that the right time to invest is when ‘it’s the scariest

thing you can imagine doing.’  That would be, as luck would have

right about now.  As a result, there’s a mess of new leathers
on the

site, from nice calf sides to super soft brown elk sides to the

weirdest veg tan checkerboard patterned cowhide sides we’ve seen in

quite some time (like a cow walked into a 1960s diner, went wild, and

walked out wearing the seat covers), to some large sample sheets of

nice USA-tanned leathers that for some reason are the exact same size

as a full unfolded newspaper.  All of these things are shown right

here on our Hides and Sides page:


There are also some new additions to the Clearance page.  We try

toss a few odd hides on there every week; thanks to those of you who

check it on a regular basis.  Lately Cousin Chaz (Charlie) has

poking around the office, picking up things like woodworking tools,

piles of leather samples that some guy in India sent to us so that

could evaluate the high quality of his high quality leather that’s

tanned using high quality methods to produce the highest quality

leather, at the best price, or something like that, or an odd hide

this or that, and then Chaz has added them to the Clearance page.

House cleaning, more or less.

The other big change around here, as mentioned in the title of this

potential Nobel recipient (literature category), is the onset of long

underwear season.  Just two weeks ago we worked outside in shorts;

it’s back to scraping the windshield in the morning, and stowing the

shorts away until next May or so.  In their place, the right thing

do, comfort-wise, is to buy some lightweight long underwear and get

used to wearing them.  Years ago, when my oldest daughter was
just a

tike, she caught me sprinting through the house after That Dog wearing

my longhandles – as I was in the process of dressing when Jenny ran

off with one of my socks.  Rebecca pointed at me and said “I like

silk panties, Daddy” and I knew that kid would be trouble from that

point on.  I can’t put the darned things on without thinking of

incident.  I guess it makes me smile and probably turn red. 

they do what they’re supposed to do, keep me warm all day at work,

call them whatever you want.  Yes, I wear silk panties. 
I sell

leather.  I need serious help.

One final thought – just keep in mind that when all the news is bad

you’ve got two choices:

1.  Read your latest 401K statement; or

2.  Get some leather and relax by making something.  Perhaps
a doll

that looks like your stock broker, and then you can run it through

garbage disposal and things start to look a little brighter. 
Take it

from me, a guy who wears silk panties, you’ll feel better in no time.

Happy Halloween-

Churchill Barton

Brettuns Village Leather

Auburn, Maine