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Old Trunks, New Leather.  All from Maine.

Refinished steamer trunks for sale

November 11, 1999

Happy November! 
Cold, isn’t it?  We’re having a very chilly November,

as you’re aware if you live
up this way or have visited this month.  It

feels great!  For those
of you prone to strapping boards to your feet

you’ll be interested to
know that Sunday River Ski Resort, just up the

road in Newry/Bethel, opened
a lift for skiing last weekend.  We’re

looking forward to hitting
the slopes again this year, but we may wait a

little while.  At least
until the rocks are covered.

Well, you’ve probably noticed
that it’s been a long time since we had a

whole lot to shout about
on our For Sale page (FYI, there’s a beautiful

dome top there now). 
We have good reason – trunks have been selling

directly from the shop,
we’ve been busy refinishing other people’s

trunks, the leather business
has gone hoo-rady-cut-to-bingo (that means

business is very good, in
case you don’t speak Yankee yet), etc., etc.

I wanted to put your fears
to rest and reassure you that we have a good

supply of trunks here, and
we are working on them.  We’ve got dome tops,

flat-tops, small trunks,
large trunks, very old trunks, not-so-old

trunks, half trunks, beautiful
trunks, and a couple of hideous Gormers

(pronounced Gommuhs) that
need a match (the sulfur-tipped kind) to

complete their time on this
earth.  No doll trunks at the moment, but

they’ll show up.

So I plan to get a picture
of each one of them and post them on a

special “Newsletter Subscribers
Only” advance showing page sometime over

the weekend or early next
week.  We won’t be selling them until they’re

redone, but I thought you
might like to see what’s laying around in the

barn.  So you’ll be
hearing from us again in the next few days.  Sorry

to be so bothersome.

Will someone please buy that
old trunk that used to be painted red and

black?  Save it from
an undesirable fate!  Here’s where to see it:

We’ll be back in touch in
a few days.  Keep that firewood where you can

grab it quick, it’s going
to be a cold winter.  Just ask the

woolyworms.  You’d
better know what I mean by this.  Just ask if you

need a hint.

Churchill Barton

Brettuns Village