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November 15, 2005

Hey Folks:

Here at the worldwide headquarters
of Brettuns Village Trunk Shop and Brettuns

Village Leather, we work
wicked hard.  The alarm rings at 5 am, Saturdays

included, and the lights
go off about 10 pm or so, and we don’t get a lot of

time to sit down. 
‘We’ as I’m sure you know by now, usually means ‘me’ which is

always a little unsettling
as I walk through the main building here at Brettuns

Plaza, wandering down endless
hallways after 5 pm, wondering where all the

accountants, adminstrative
assistants, buying agents, and shippers are spending

their evenings.  Amanda
usually listens to me lament about how you can’t get

employees to dedicate themselves
to the corporation the way the founder does,

and then she politely reminds
me that we haven’t hired any of those people yet,

so it’s probably premature
of me to expect them to put in a little overtime now

and then.  All I get
are excuses around here.

At any rate, I work hard,
as does Amanda (VP of Finance), and I don’t need, or

at least I hope I don’t
need to mention the level of effort put forth daily by

That Dog.  Then the
corporate cheering squad, the 2 girls, tears through the

office here at Mach III
and it hits me – we need a vacation.  I need one.  They

need to see me have one. 
So, kids, we’re out of here.

Leaving Friday, 11/18, back
the following Friday, 11/25.  No shipping, not one

bit, until Monday the 28th
of November, and on that day, a day like no other,

we’ll ship like mad dogs
in the street to get things to you in time for the

holidays.  We. 
You bet.  Please hang with us during this time of need, and

we’ll take care of you when
we get back.  Where are we going?  Well, I’m not

saying, because there are
a few of you that will call there to ask me one more

question about how much
your trunk is worth or why don’t we have any more rabbit

furs in bright pink with
the leopard spots on them or when those nails go

through the slats at one
end of the trunk and hit the heel where the heck do

they go or gosh if I only
need one little piece of leather it just seems crazy

to have to pay for it, really,
and, well, even though I like engaging in these

exchanges I’m going to go
to this secret vacation spot, find a chair, and sit in

it for one week.  At
some point during that week I’m going to have one beer.  A

cold one.  I’ll let
you know how it goes.  See you on the 25th, and I, or

course, can’t wait. 
Truly, all kidding aside, I love this job like no other job

I’ve ever held, and I know
I’ll be ready to dig back in after, well, right after

that one beer.