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December 8, 2002

Howdy Everybody:

I’m not sure how it got to
be the holiday season so quickly this year – seems like we just finished
rolling the older pumpkins out of the garden and – bam – time for the fat
man to slide down the chimney.  It sure has been a hectic year up
here, but we’re getting caught up before the year closes out.  That’s
the plan anyway.


Added a couple of refinished
trunks to the For Sale page yesterday.  Just in time for Christmas. 
Pretty crafty, huh?

Also, a fellow drove into
the dooryard a couple of weeks ago with a pickup load of trunks that one
of his brothers had refinished.  He thought we might like to give
him a few thousand dollars for them.  I looked them over, offered
him a pittance, and the deal was done.  These trunks were refinished
in a unique way.  We call them  remuddled instead of remodeled. 
Posted them on our ‘As-Is’ page in case you’d like to pick one of them
up for less money than usual.  Here’s a link:

Last but not least, we’ve
got a heck of a pile of old suitcases in the barn, but haven’t had much
time to add them to the site.  We added a couple of groups yesterday,
for those of you looking to decorate with a stack of old suitcases. 
Here you go:

How’s about a little Christmas
bonus?  If you’re interested in any of the ‘As-Is’ trunks, since you’re
a newsletter subscriber, we’ll put new handles on any of those trunks for
you, no extra charge.  We’ll also make sure the hinges work and the
lid stay is in place.  OK, no big deal, but that’s what we can do
for you this season.


On the leather side of the
game, we’ve got two thousand pounds of mixed leather scrap from American
bison – real live buffalo hide.  For you newsletter subscribers, we’re
selling this stuff for $5 per pound with a five pound minimum.  You’ll
get brown and black, mixed.  To order use PayPal (
or our secure online credit card page (which is now working on a more secure
server than before).  Here it is:

Had a great trip for Thanksgiving
– went down to Orlando for ten days.  Apparently you were there too. 
To us folks that live in a small town it seemed as if the rest of the human
population was all crammed into that one area of Florida.  We had
fun though.  The girls got a real boot out of the theme parks; although
I have to say we had the best time at Sea World.  They seem to have
a good handle on how to handle large crowds.  At Disney every ride
we were interested in had a 90 minute wait – no thanks.  We enjoyed
the sunny weather and did a lot of swimming.  There were no Floridians
in any of the pools we visited – too cold for them.  Just us snowbirds
in there splashing around, making idiots of ourselves.  I’m pretty
good at that.  Vacation just makes it worse.

We’ll get back to you in
the next week or two, but be sure to stay calm in all the hustle and bustle. 
Don’t let me catch you stressing out about shopping or decorating or any
of the other stuff that goes with the season.  It’ll all come together. 
Always does.



Brettuns Village Trunks
& Leather

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