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December 20, 2007

Hey Folks:

Merry Christmas from Maine, and lest you gather the idea that this is
spam, let me just point out that you signed up for this clam wrapper; none
of us here have the cruel, black heart that would be required for one of
us to sign you up.  I don’t think so anyway.

So, the last thing I remember was thinking how nice it was to have a
good long stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, and it
felt good knowing that there were many weekends in between the two holidays. 
Weekends that I could spend casually thinking away in front of the fire,
wrapped in a robe with my moose leather slippers on, pondering the types
of gifts I’d either make or buy for family, friends, associates, and That
Dog.  I could just picture myself, suantering (OK look, I’m working
on being an old geezer so maybe sauntering isn’t the right verb to use,
but let’s just roll with it) down the aisle at some small store, tucked
down a side street in Brunswick, the old part of Freeport, or some coastal
village.  No pressure, with all the time I needed to select the perfect
gifts for those on my list.  Just thinking about it, I could smell
the frankincense, whatever the heck that smells like; probably exactly
like most guys named Frank smell but that’s just a wild guess; I could
hear the holiday music in the background, snowflakes falling, that sort
of thing. Heavenly peace, that’s what it must have been.

Well, apparently about a week after Turkey Day I must have hit my head
and slipped into a coma, because now there are only a few days left before
Christmas and I haven’t done much of anything about it. I’ll tell you one
thing that isn’t two, and that cold fact is that I most likely slipped
off the roof and knocked myself out.  I don’t remember it, but it
must have happened. Clearly.  The roof, you ask?  For those of
you living in warm places, I’ll just briefly mention here that when we
get a good snow upcountry we enjoy shoveling the driveway and sidewalks,
the porch and deck, maybe a path around the barn, but we also enjoy the
fine and timeless art of roof shoveling.  Farmhouses like ours, built
in 1888, just don’t look like they should have two feet of snow on top,
so I clamber up (important note – in the 14 years since I started writing
this literary equivalent of projectile typing that’s the first time, to
the best of my knowledge and recollection, that I’ve used the verb ‘clamber’
but I think I like it so you may see it again soon), plant my boots as
firmly as I can, and shovel snow off the roof.  A few times over the
years I’ve come close to taking the Massive Plunge of Death and Dismemberment
Complete with Screaming but somehow always managed to gain purchase just
ahead of said plunge

actually taking place. This year must have been different, but, as
I said, I don’t remember it.  The weeks and days are gone, and Christmas
is all but upon us.  I hope you’re ready.

I wanted to sit down and write out a Christmas card to each and every
one of you, but, well, see the paragraphs above.  Please accept this
pathetic impersonation of an actual card, but know that my wishes for a
wonderful holiday season, and by that I mean a very Merry Christmas, are
sincere.  It’s a great time of year up here, and all the snow we’re
getting this year really has the place looking like a Winter Wonderland. 
Great news for the ski business – the hills are open and the lift lines
are forming, with eager outdoorsy-types pointing their boards downhill. 
Maine looks like a Christmas card, so come up and take a look around –
that’s the card I have for you this year.

OK, now back to business.  Need sheep hides?  Check our Lightweight
Leathers page for a big selection of new hides.  On the Sides page
we have some nice new leathers, just added today, along with some old favorites. 
New rivets, new decorations, and assorted ornamental hoo-hah also. 
Might be worth a look, and don’t forget that under the tree you’ll get
that $5 bill from Aunt Agnes just like every other year, so you might as
well send it to us in exchange for some of this

stuff. Thanks, in advance, from the very bottom of the college savings

Trunks – the refinished trunks have been selling well, and we’ve also
added two more types of leather handles to the Parts Division of the empire.

Gift Certificates – Yes, we have them; you can find a link to them from
our Site Map.  They seem popular this year – we’ve been printing them
a lot, which means I end up slip-sliding the old truck up over the hill
and into town to get yet another color ink cartridge for that old printer
we use.  Will I risk my life for your gift certificate?  Apparently
the answer is yes.

So, here’s best wishes for a wonderful Christmas or whatever you choose
to call your holiday – and that’s from our family to yours.  Stay
warm, stop in if you’re upcountry, and go give someone in your family a
kiss. Not on the lips or anything weird.  You know what I

mean.  Ho Ho Ho.





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