Brettuns Village Trunks & Leather

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December 24, 2001

Season’s Greetings to all of our subscribers:

Ho Ho Ho, it’s just about time for the red-suited guy to slide down
the chimney, or dash in through the window, or slide up the dryer vent,
or whatever he does in those houses with no chimney.  Since we live
so far north we can hear the sleigh bells jingling already this morning,
and there’s also this other little sign that tells us Santa is on the way
– our daughters are bouncing off the walls, and so is the dog.  The
three of them are just as nice as can be, suddenly.  In their minds,
Santa makes his list of who has been naughty/nice about 3 hours before
lift-off time.  I guess they’re pretty good all year long, even the

It’s been a warm fall here in New England, but we managed to get a couple
of good snow storms so that we can enjoy a white Christmas.  Everything
is covered, so it finally looks the way it should.  Things are way
behind schedule, though.  Brettuns Pond has not frozen all the way
over yet, which is quite unusual.  We can generally count on ice skating
by the first weekend in December and have even managed to get out on the
ice on Thanksgiving a couple of times.  Not this year; we were up
to camp Saturday/Sunday, still a lot of open water just outside of the
cove.  The resident mallards are holding steady in there, with some
migratory whistlers and mergansers to keep them company.  The loons
made it out, which is good.  They need a long, long runway to get
airborne; it’s always sad if one of them stays too long and can’t get off
the water.

The deer have yarded up for the winter, moving into their favorite hemlock
and cedar stands where they’ll stay until April.  It’s fun to snowshoe
back in there (just behind the barn, about a mile in) and see the trails
they wear down in the snow.  Good place to look for dropped antlers
in the dead of winter; late January until early March.  Of course,
the coyotes move in there too, just to keep the deer from having too good
a time as they try to scratch a meager existence from cedar tips and tree
bark.  Sounds yummy.

What’s new at Brettuns Village – added a shopping cart feature to the
trunk parts area, so those of you who like to use PayPal can just load
right up.  On the leather side we’re still pawing through the thousands
of miscellaneous sides that we’re clearing out for a relocated shoe company. 
Yesterday we added some bright red (cranberry nubuck) that should match
your elf outfit, and some black nubuck sides that started selling pretty
quickly about an hour after the site was up.  I love our customers. 
That’s enough business talk for now.

Here’s my family’s holiday wish for you – from Amanda, Rebecca, Hayley,
Jenny (woof woof), Samantha (meow), and me – we wish you all the very best
the season has to offer; the incredible joy of giving, the warmth of family
and friends gathering together, and a calm understanding of the importance
of the season.  So many holidays to celebrate, but all focused on
common elements like love, understanding, and peace.  Make the most
of it, and don’t forget to sit down and enjoy a few quiet moments somewhere
along the line.  Right after your third helping of turkey might be
a good time.

Looking forward to a great New Year for all of us-


Brettuns Village

Auburn, Maine