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  • Dark Brown Garment Leather Scrap By The Pound

    Dark Brown 3 Ounce Garment Lea...

  • Handbag and Garment Leather Scrap Tin Pieces of Colorful Soft Leathers

    Handbag, Garment Leather Scrap

  • Mixed Blue-Green Scrap Leather Pieces Sold in 5 or 10 Pound Boxes

    Mixed Blue-Green Scrap Leather...

  • Scrap Leather Pieces in Gray/Taupe in 5 or 10 Pound Boxes, free 48-state USA shipping

    Scrap Leather Pieces in Gray/T...

  • Whole Hides of USA Cattlehide Leather in Semolina Light Tan

    Whole Hides of USA Cattlehide ...

  • Whole Leather Hides in Bourbon Brown with Alligator Embossing

    Whole Leather Hides in Bourbon...

  • Whole Leather Hides in Mustard Brown for Garments or Upholstery

    Whole Leather Hides in Mustard...


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